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We would like to welcome you to our university. To make your start as easy as possible, we have put together some information for you.

User account

You will receive the access data when you sign the contract in the Human Resources Department.

Note: You must activate your account and change the initial password.

If you already have an account, it will simply continue to run. You don't need to do anything else. Your primary email address in the address books will be reset on request. To do this, please contact the IDM team (idm [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de (idm[at]tu-freiberg[dot]de)).

If you have been given a second, additional account, please contact us directly. We will then combine the two into one.

In such cases, you can request a guest account from your line manager. We will convert your account into a guest account, which will allow you to retain access to your central resources for a certain period of time.

Note: Without a valid employment contract, we are obliged to deactivate your work email alias. Existing emails will be retained, but new emails will no longer be sent to the work address.


As a new employee, you will automatically receive an email address on our Exchange service.

If you would also like to have your email address displayed in the Kommunikationsverzeichnis, please write a ticket to idm [at] hrz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (idm[at]hrz[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de).

Note: If you already have an e-mail address with us through your studies, please use our other mail system Unixmail. You can continue to use this without any problems or you can switch to the Exchange mail system.

If local technical conditions permit, we will provide all employees with a personalised landline telephone. Please send a ticket to servicedesk [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de (servicedesk[at]tu-freiberg[dot]de).

Let us know whether an existing telephone should be set up for you or whether a new device is required at the workplace.

We provide a central Matrix instance for chats via instant messaging. All members of the university can use this to communicate securely.

Campus network

The WLAN eduroam is available on the entire campus. To make the correct settings on your end device, please follow the corresponding instructions.

You can also access the campus data network on the move (eduroam or at home). We offer VPN access for this purpose. In our guides you will find help to configure access on your end device.


For file sharing, the URZ operates a Nextcloud instance. This allows files to be jointly edited and exchanged in an uncomplicated manner.

We provide centralised storage for projects and other overarching topics. Furthermore, every user receives personalised central storage space. The data is securely stored and regularly backed up by the URZ.


OPAL is a Saxony-wide online platform for academic teaching and learning. The Education Portal Saxony is managed by the Media Centre and offers forums, blogs, wikis, virtual classrooms and much more.

The computer centre operates its own BigBlueButton cluster for video conferencing. This enables video conferencing for teaching as well as project meetings.

Computing and servers

The computing centre offers a central high-performance computing cluster (High-Performance Computing, HPC) to carry out complex and computationally intensive problems.

The computing centre supports you in implementing the corresponding requirements. To do this, apply for HPC usage via the IDM portal and send the project description to the IT Service Desk.

You can rent virtual machines in the central VMware infrastructure. These are free of charge as long as they are used to realise teaching tasks or provide overarching services. The funds for virtual servers for research tasks should be applied for as part of the respective research project. For this purpose, there is a fee-based offer from the computer centre.

It is also possible to procure and operate your own hardware (at your own expense). In these cases, the data centre offers corresponding housing capacities in the central IT security cells.

In this case, please be sure to contact the data centre before submitting a procurement application.

IT security and data protection

You can find information on the topic of IT security on the pages of the IT security officer and on the pages of the URZ.

If you have any questions about data protection, please contact the central Data Protection Officer of the university via datenschutz [at] zuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (datenschutz[at]zuv[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de).

Questions and problems about IT services?

You can contact the IT Service Desk at the URZ if you have any IT questions or problems. This is the central point of contact for all users. Simply send an e-mail to servicedesk [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de (servicedesk[at]tu-freiberg[dot]de). For critical problems, you are welcome to visit us on site (URZ, room 2.05) or call us on +49 3731 39-1818.