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You are on the Internet Page of the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg.

Here you will find:

  • Information about the university
  • Information about studying
  • Information about research

in plain language.

Plain language is important for people 

who cannot read and write well.

But also for other people.

For example, for people with learning difficulties.

Or for people who can only speak a little German.

What is the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg?

The Technical University Berg-Akademie Freiberg

is also called TUBAF for short.

TUBAF is a university.

The university is in Saxony.

What is a University?

A university is about knowledge.

There are many people at a university.

Some are called researchers or scientists.

Scientists want to find out new knowledge

and solve problems.

This is called research.

Many are also professors.

Professors are like teachers.

They teach students.

So a university is also a school.

People are here to learn.

This is called studying.

It's also called:

One makes a study.

Whoever makes a study is a student.

What do students do?

Students study at a university

on a specific topic.

The student chooses the subject.

To the topic one says also: Study subject.

At TU-Freiberg there are many study subjects.

For example:

  • Math 
  • Chemistry 
  • Computer Science

For the study you need the Abitur.

A baccalaureate is a school-leaving qualification.

For a high school diploma one must

be good at school.

You have to be smart to study.

What do you study for?

After graduation, you have a degree.

Students have to take exams.

They get a degree certificate.

With a degree you go

work in a profession.

What can you learn at TUBAF?

TUBAF has profiles.

Profiles are topics

on which there is a lot of research.

And you can learn a lot.

In these areas, TUBAF is

particularly good.

Many students come to TUBAF for that.

There are 6 profiles.

1st Profile: Geo

The TUBAF is in Freiberg.

Freiberg is located in a mountain range.

The mountain range has many mineral treasures.

Soil treasures are valuable things in the earth.

You can dig them out.

This is called mining.

At TUBAF, we want to improve mining.

For example:

  • How to dig up more mineral resources?
  • How to protect the environment?

For this, one researches on it to the earth.

Geo is the Greek name for earth.

2nd Profile: Material and Materials

All things are made of materials.

Materials are also called construction materials.

Construction materials sometimes have to be manufactured.

TUBAF conducts research on construction materials.

For example:

  • How can I make a construction material?
  • How can I make a construction material better?

3rd Profile: Energy

Everywhere we need energy.

For example:

  • as heat for heating
  • as electricity for appliances

But energy is not simply there.

It has to be generated.

This happens in power plants.

Material is burned there.

And energy is generated.

At some point, the material runs out.

That is a problem.

TUBAF is doing research on it.

4th Profile: Environment

The environment is important.

A healthy environment ensures life:

  • From animals
  • From plants
  • And from people

TUBAF wants to protect the environment.

5th Profile: Technology

TUBAF conducts research on technology.

In doing so, it aims to improve technology.

Better technology makes things easier.

For example:

  • A better car is easier to drive

6th Profile: Economy

People have needs.

They want to have things.

If they don't get things,

they are missing something.

People have to do something about that.

They must:

  • make something
  • buy something
  • exchange something

It's called economics

TUBAF is researching how this works.

Contact us

Unfortunately, not all texts on our web page are available in plain language.

But you can explain us:

  • What topics you are missing.
  • What you like.
  • What annoys you.

Here's how you can get in touch with us.

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