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The University Computer Centre coordinates the timetable planning for teaching operations and the operational room allocation.

The timetable planning takes place in two phases:

  • Change/entry phase by teaching or timetable officers
  • Correction phase of the draft plan

The operational room allocation is used to reserve one or more rooms. It is possible to do this for one date or for several dates


Customer benefits

Timetable planning

The teaching and timetable officers of the faculties and departments can enter/change the timetables and correct the draft plan during the correction phase in collaboration with the central timetable and room planning department. The greatest attention is paid to ensuring that the individual study regulations can be complied with.

Operative room allocation

Room bookings or reservations can be made via the web room booking portal (currently not yet available again) or conventionally via email to raumplanung [at] zuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de.


Wolfgang Musch
Akademiestraße 6
Room Ground Floor 03 (Nonnengasse corridor)

+49 3731 39-3769
raumplanung [at] zuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

Scope of services

  • Operation of the web room booking system
  • Coordination of timetabling
  • Operative room allocation

Service provider