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Admission requirements

In some cases, the degree certificate is not yet available at the beginning of the semester because the evaluation of the thesis or the defense is still missing or the issuing of the Bachelor's degree certificate has not yet been completed.

In order to ensure a smooth start to the Master's degree course, you can make use of the option of "conditional enrolment" in the Master's degree course. In this case, enrolment is subject to the resolutory condition that you do not provide proof of your Bachelor's degree certificate.

If you submit your Bachelor's degree certificate by the end of the first semester of the Master's degree course, you can re-register for the second semester of the Master's degree course. If you do not present the degree certificate within the first semester of the Master's degree program, you will be exmatriculated from the Master's degree program for the time being.


Please apply via our applicant portal in the same way as an external applicant. Under Step 3 "Prior admission", please upload the completed and signed form for enrolment in an internal Master's degree program.

Please note that you must be re-registered for the next semester in order to be enrolled in the Master's program.