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As a rule, studying at TU Bergakademie is a full-time programme. In the event of particular personal challenges, students may be able to organise their studies individually through part-time study.

The part-time programme generally comprises 50% of the scope of study and examinations per semester planned for the full-time programme. One semester of full-time study corresponds to two semesters of part-time study. In the part-time programme, the standard period of study is increased according to the part-time factor.

1. Employment of at least 20 hours per week

2. Maternity leave and pregnancy

3. Care of a child under the age of 12

4. Care for relatives

5. Disability, Serious or chronic illness

6. Affiliation to the field of top-class sport

7. Collaboration in projects of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg of outstanding interest


The student office must be informed immediately if the reason for part-time study no longer applies.

The part-time study programme is generally granted for two semesters, at the longest until the reason no longer applies. Repeated applications are possible.

It is possible to apply for part-time study:

  • For applicants with the application in the APP portal/Admissions Office
  • For students in the Student Office

Before submitting an application, applicants and students must obtain information from the respective academic advisor in the faculty about the requirements and conditions for part-time study and define a corresponding or individual study plan. The counselling must be confirmed on the application form.

  • Application document
  • Proof of the important reason

Study applicants: within the application deadlines of each semester for the following semester

Students: within the re-registration deadline for the following semester

The semester contribution and fees must be paid in full.

In questions of student financing, you should seek advice from the Studentenwerk before submitting your application.


Application form and regulations for part-time study