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In this section, international applicants with admission to studies will find information on how to prepare for their study visit.

Video: TUBAF Campus Tour by Nikhilesh Dhure


  • Valid photo ID/Passport and Visa
  • Admission letter from the Admissions Office
  • Proof of financial resources for your expenses in Germany
  • Passport photos
  • Additionally for students of the EU: Valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • An adequate amount of cash in € (ca. 500€): depending on your bank institute, you may not be able to access your account for a few days upon arriving in Germany. The cash will help you pay for initial costs like rent, enrolment, food etc. Please note that there is no possibility for currency exchange in Freiberg.
  • Suitable clothing: Freiberg is located in a moderate climate of Europe. There are four distinct seasons. Therefore, please bring warm clothes for winter, but also clothes that can be layered for spring and fall and summer clothes for when it gets hot. Please also consider bringing traditional clothing from your home country for cultural festivals held by the university.
  • Personal items, for example: medication, camera and photocopies of important documents (credit card, passport).