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Alumni nach der feierlichen Verabschiedung auf dem Obermarkt Freiberg

Have you studied, researched, taught or worked at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg? Then you have come to the right place. We do not want to lose sight of you even after your studies or work. The Freiberger Alumni Network, or FAN for short, is thus the link to your former university.

FAN - the Freiberg ALUMNI Network


Eva Enkelmann auf Exkursion

My motivation is to inspire others about our natural world, which is right before our eyes.

Eva Enkelmann sitzt am Ufer des Moraine Lake

Alumnistory: Prof. Dr. Eva Enkelmann

Eva Enkelmann received her doctorate from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg in 2005. After her doctorate, she conducted research at various universities, including Tübingen, Lehigh University and the University of Cincinnati in the USA. Since 2017, she has been a professor at the University of Calgary. There, she likes the close interaction of the university with industry and authorities, such as the geological services. Canada is the second largest country on earth and very rich in natural resources. Its economy is based primarily on their extraction. This is also reflected in research. Often, Canadian research funding is prioritized to projects where scientists collaborate with non-academic partners. Students involved in such research learn about the applied side of their studies and expand their network, which often leads to later hires. Prof. Enkelmann herself has worked on research projects in India, central China, Myanmar, Argentina, the western United States, Alaska, and the Canadian Cordillera. She is currently conducting active research projects in the northern Canadian Cordillera (NWT and Yukon) and in the southern Canadian Cordillera (Alberta and BC) as well as along the eastern edge of North America.
To date, there is also a lively exchange with former colleagues at TU Bergakademie Freiberg and Prof. Enkelmann is a guest at the institute at least every two years.

The latest project of the dedicated researcher is a project of the heart. She has written a book, Rocky Voices - The memories of minerals that form the Rocky Mountains. "This book is aimed at young adults and families who want to learn more about geologic processes and the Rocky Mountains through entertaining and adventurous stories." The characters in the book reveal the fascinating world of rocks and minerals in the Rockies in surprising, funny, and sometimes dramatic ways. Eva Enkelmann says of herself that her motivation as a geologist is to read the minds of rocks and uncover their hundreds of millions of years of history to inspire others.

Our Alumni

The study or the doctorate in Freiberg is for many students and doctoral candidates a formative stage in their biography. Through their activities in teaching and research, staff members and lecturers have helped shape the profile of our university. It is with great pleasure and a little pride that we present short portraits of Freiberg alumni on this page.

Alumna und Geophysikerin Benita Wagner vor der Neumayer Station in der Antarktis
Geophysicist Benita Wagner
Geophysicist Benita Wagner and her workplace at Neumayer Station in Antarctica
Alumna Sandra Herrmann
Geoscientist Dr. Sandra Herrmann
Dr. Sandra Herrmann is a scientist at NASA and was on a simulated trip to the Mars moon Phobos.
Porträt Dr. David Vogt
Software Engineer Dr. David Vogt
Dr. David Vogt is an engineer at BOSCH, where he and his team are advancing machine learning applications.



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