University Computer Centre: Tasks of the URZ

Our legal duties

University Computing CenterWe plan and coordinate the supply of the university with IT systems as well as with general software.

We develop a concept and offer a recommendation for the expansion of the data network.

We work together with the university institutions on questions concerning training and further education in IT systems.

We work with the computer centres of other universities to design, set up and use regional and national data networks and to coordinate work.

Our duties at the university

  • We keep in close contact with the users of our IT systems.
  • Together with the advisory board for computer science, we develop conceptional ideas for the long-term development of the use of IT as a basis for decision-making for the university management.

Our tasks at the university

  • We operate our central IT systems.
  • We operate the data communication network of the university
  • We operate the associated central communication services (network services) for data and telephony.
  • We look after the central computer pools for student education.
  • We support the structural units in the operation of decentralized IT systems.
  • We provide data processing specific services.
  • We advise and train university members in the use of IT systems.
  • We are responsible for organizing the maintenance of our central IT systems.