Life in the university city

When looking for a university course, many young people today tend to be attracted to large cities like Leipzig or Dresden. But the university town of Freiberg is not far from these two large cities - exactly between Dresden and Chemnitz. 

With its 42,000 inhabitants, Freiberg belongs to the small town category, but that is precisely what gives it its special flair. Short distances to the lecture halls, low rents and numerous cultural and leisure activities make life in the university town attractive. For example, the city offers a cinema, museums, bars, cafés and restaurants in addition to the Central Saxon theatre (Mittelsächsisches Theater). And should you ever want to go to Dresden, the state capital can be reached in only 45 minutes by train or car thanks to the good transport connections.

Freiberg also offers attractive career opportunities for our graduates with its university, the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology and as a technology and geomontan location in the field of semiconductor production and solar technology.

4th Saxon State Exhibition 2020 also in Freiberg

Silber BoomSilberBoom (engl. SilverBoom) - at the State Exhibition 2020, visitors can experience tradition and inventive talent 150m underground at the "Reiche Zeche" research and training mine, be impressed by the authentic atmosphere of a mine and at the same time learn more about future topics concerning the sustainable and environmentally friendly extraction of resources and raw materials. to the SilberBoom

"100 years of the independent right of the (TU) Bergakademie Freiberg to confer doctorates"

TU Bergakademie begeht 100 Jahre eigenständiges Promotionsrecht2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the first independent award of the doctorate of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. This anniversary will be duly celebrated from 3rd to 5th June 2020 with the BHT - Freiberg Research Forum, special expert colloquia and a festive event. From now on you can register without obligation and will be informed automatically by email as soon as it is officially possible to register for the specific events.


Anvar Mammadli auf dem von ihm organisierten Symposium 2019.
Together with a team of ten students located in Baku Anvar Mammadli, a Freiberg student from Azerbaijan, has organized the second Global Engineering Symposium in Baku. … weiterlesen

picture of Dr. Sindy Fuhrmann
In early February Dr. Sindy Fuhrmann was appointed as Assistant Professor at the Institute of Ceramic, Glass and Construction Materials. The new professor is an alumna of TU Freiberg and graduate of the first Krüger-Forschungskolleg supported by the Krüger Foundation. … weiterlesen

The logo of the German-American Institute Saxony. Photo: DAIS
Strengthening German-American relations in Saxony on a cultural, social and political level - this is the goal of the German-American Institute Saxony (DAIS) in Leipzig, which was opened on February 5th with the participation of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg. … weiterlesen

Student Paul Reitemeier sorting the shredded material
Lithium-ion batteries are now installed in almost all modern electrical appliances. So far, however, the recycling of the batteries is not optimal. In the joint project "InnoRec", the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and four partners are researching an energy- and material-efficient recycling approach. … weiterlesen

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