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During a degree programme, various examinations must be completed, which are set out in the examination and study regulations.


Audit matters

In order to be admitted to an examination, it is necessary to apply or register either at the Student Office or via the self-service portal.

Registration and examination periods

The exact registration and examination periods can be found in the semester dates.

  • Registration period WS 2023: 20 November 2023 (Mon.) - 7 December 2023 (Thu.)
  • Examination period WS 2023: 12 February 2024 (Mon.) - 15 March 2024 (Fri.)

Exam registration

is done via the self-service portal

Self-service portal

  • Exchange students from a partner university (including Erasmus+) can not register online for exams. Please complete the "Registration for module examinations" form (see download below) and submit it to the Student Office.

Examination cancellation

is done via the self-service portal

Self-service portal

Each candidate can withdraw from an examination without giving reasons up to one week before the examination date at the latest.

Inability to take examinations

If you are unforeseeably unable to take an examination, e.g. due to an accident or illness, you must notify the Student Office immediately in writing with suitable proof, in the case of illness regularly with a medical certificate. Telemedical certificates and certificates issued abroad are not accepted!

Examination schedule

Examination schedule for the winter semester 2023/24. Please note that there may still be changes, especially to the rooms!

Room plan

The TUBAF room directory:

Registration for the 2nd repeat examination

Form: Application for admission and registration for the 2nd repeat examination

Registration for module examinations

Form: registration for module examinations (free elective modules and additional modules that are not listed in the self-service portal)

Change of the examination regulations

Determination of the field of study