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The new Bachelor's study program provides knowledge to
build habitats and infrastructure on other celestial bodies,
under difficult conditions and without an atmosphere,
obtain energy, food, water and breathable air and
prepares students for numerous attractive Master's
degree programmes.





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- Study in Freiberg

From the development of super-lightweight components for mobility and research to sustainable fuels and 3D printing from renewable raw materials or the recycling of metals. The courses of study are aligned towards specific areas of application in business and research and offer the best career opportunities after graduation. TUBAF students meet global challenges with innovative, intelligent and sustainable solutions!

Study programmes from A to Z

Research, Economy & Society

Forward-looking Research with strong Partners from Industry

Our six faculties develop efficient and alternative technologies for a sustainable economy. The focus is on the exploration, extraction and processing of a wide variety of raw materials, the storage and conversion of energy, the development of raw materials as well as processing and recycling methods. In this way, we are working on future technologies for closing the raw material cycle and making an important contribution on the way to an efficient circular economy.

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