The 70th BHT - FREIBERGER UNIVERSITY FORUM will take place from 05. – 07. June 2019. The focus is on "Sustainable Processes for Innovative Material Design".

The saving of natural resources and an environmentally friendly use of raw materials, energy and waste with simultaneous increases in the performance of components and products faces many industries with major challenges. The study of material properties and material behavior leads to the development of innovative materials with multifunctional attributes and to the optimization of the underlying processes. This opens up potential to improve technical systems and to make them cost- and resource-efficient.

With the 70th BHT – FREIBERGER UNIVERSITÄTSFORUM the TU Bergakademie Freiberg gives an insight into the latest findings from research and development. Interested parties from science, industry and society are invited to take part in the dialogue. A varied and cross-thematic program will be offered on all three days.

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