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Taking a leave of absence from studies is possible in certain situations and can help students manage personal or extraordinary circumstances. A leave of absence can be requested for various reasons, such as health issues, family obligations or studying abroad. To apply for a leave of absence, students should contact the Student office of TUBAF early on.

Leave of absence from studies

Students can apply for a leave of absence from their studies for an important reason, usually up until the beginning of the semester. The reason for the leave of absence must be stated and proven.

Important reasons in particular are:

  • Medical reason,
  • Preparation for repeat examinations,
  • Stay abroad,
  • Military service,
  • Maternity/Parental leave,
  • Additional Internships, which are not part of the respective examination and study directives

A leave of absence is not valid:

  • for the first graduate school program or for the first graduate school program, where an evaluation has been carried out in regards to a change of university or course, as well as during vocational training preparing for university, except for long-term illnesses or in the case of maternity or parental leave,
  • after completion of the courses or lecture period for the current semester,
  • for previous semesters,
  • during the preparation of the thesis

Duration of the leave of absence:

The duration of the leave of absence is governed by § 20 Para. 2 SächsHSFG and should not exceed a total of two semesters. If the TUBAF is granted discretion over the duration, the TUBAF decides in consultation with the responsible examination board..

Rights and responsibilities:

  • During the period of leave of absence, the rights and obligations of the student remain unaffected, with the exception of the obligation to study properly.
  • Vacation semesters do not count as semesters of study and will not be taken into account in regards to the number of semesters required to complete the course.

Fees and contributions:

  • The re-registration - payment of the semester fee - must take place before the leave of absence.
  • Students on leave may be released from the obligation to pay fees or contributions on application. Find out more in the student office.