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Lehrender mit Modell
Study programmes of the faculty, information for prospective students, study counselling
Feldweg mit Fahrzeug aus der Vogelperspektive
Research foci and projects, equipment
Zwei Studierende unterhalten sich auf einer Treppe
Deanery, Faculty Council, Faculty Student Representative Council, Board of Study Affairs, Deans of Studies, Examinations Boards, Assigned Official for Education, Assigned Official for Gender Equality
Bergwerksgebäude Reiche Zeche mit historischen Maschinen im Vordergrund

Research and Educational Mine "Reiche Zeche"

As a university specialising in mining science, TU Bergakademie Freiberg operates its own research and teaching mine. Not only are numerous research laboratories and test stands located underground here, but the students of Faculty 3 also receive in-depth practical teaching through internships and experiments.

You can't do without them: What are rare earths?

TUBAF was a guest on the WDR children's television programme "neuneinhalb" on the topic of "Rare Earths". The Institute of Mineralogy (Prof. Thomas Seifert) and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Dr. Franziska Lederer) provided technical support for the programme.


The rocks must first be crushed, then finely crushed and ground to finally enable the extraction of the rare earths.

Prof. Dr Thomas Seifert, Professor of Geology and Metallogeny of Ore and Non-ore Deposits




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