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We are introducing two-factor authentication (2FA) for certain services. This is an additional protection for your central user data. This prevents attackers from accessing user accounts, even if they know the relevant password. The password is the first authentication factor and a temporary, single-use confirmation code is used as the second factor.

This second factor (TOTP token) usually requires a smartphone with a corresponding app that can be used to register this token. Newer iOS devices (from iOS 15) can generate these confirmation codes automatically without an additional app.

The second factor may only be registered within the university, e.g. at a stationary workstation or in a compoter pool.

Possible apps:

Step 1

Please log in to the two-factor authentication system with your new password.

Note: For security reasons, the 2FA system can only be accessed within the university, e.g. from a stationary workstation or in a computer pool.

Step 2

The server generates a QR code with a secret key. To do this, click on "Roll out token".

Step 3

Scan this QR code with the app on your smartphone or with the camera on your iPhone (iOS 15 or higher).

A six-digit code will then be displayed, which you must enter in the browser. Confirm the entry with "Verify token".

Step 4

The token has now been rolled out and you can log in to the desired service. You can now log out of the two-factor authentication system.

Step 5

If you now log in to the service (e.g. Cloud) from outside TU Freiberg, you will be asked for the six-digit code after the Shibboleth login.

To do this, open the app on your smartphone and enter the code displayed there in the browser.