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Important note: Due to technical reorganisation work, some links are currently only accessible via the old website (Drupal1). This can only be accessed internally from the university network.

ServiceShort description 
Application serverCentral application server 
Archiving (OpARA)OpARA: long-term archiving and publication of research data 
BackupSet-up and administration of backup and archive systems 
BigBlueButtonWeb and video conferences, interactive events (up to 50 participants) 
BlogfarmCreation and administration of blogs 
Campus networkAccess to the campus network 
Chat: Instant messagingChat system based on Matrix / Riot 
Cisco Jabber clientSoftware client for telephone on PC 
Computer poolsInformation on the PC pools of the URZ 
DatabaseProvision of MariaDB databases 
DFNConf web and video conferencesDFNconf organiser portal 
DomainsApplying for second-level domains via DFN 
Eduroam (WLAN)WLAN via DFNRoaming / Education Roaming 
Endpoint Protection with Sophos ClientProcurement and setup of Sophos Antivirus software with university licence 
Exchange mailboxApplication for and administration of an MS Exchange mailbox for employees (Outlook) 
Remote maintenanceAnyDesk remote desktop software 
Photo/ScanAccessibility of the historical photo archives in the campus network 
Apply for guest WLANActivation of WLAN access for guests, e.g. for events.e.g. for events
GitLab version managementVersion control of files 
High-Performance Computing (HPC)Use of the computer cluster 
Host info systemHost info system for IP address management 
Identity managementIDM: Identity management system for central user administration 
Internet activation of decentralised servicesActivation of a decentralised Internet server service 
Internet accessAccess to the Internet 
IntranetIntranet web pages on the central file server (ZFS1) 
IT Service DeskFault reports and service requests to the University Computer Centre 
IT securityTrojan attack, hacking, theft of data 
Card management system (PSD-Card)PSD-Card: Personalised identification cards for staff and students 
LimeSurveyWeb-based tool for data collection (e.g. surveys) 
MATLABCampus-wide access to MATLAB, Simulink and all extension toolboxes 
Funds management system QIS-FSVOnline access to budget data 
Multimedia equipmentOverview of multimedia equipment in lecture theatres and seminar rooms 
Network storageApplication for project-related storage space 
Ownsky-CloudNextcloud: Storage, synchronisation and sharing of data 
Framework contracts for hardwareSaxPC, notebooks, Apple 
Subscribe to RSS feedsUniinfo-L, newsletters, current news, ... 
NewslettersRector and Chancellor newsletters 
Selbstbedienungsservice - BewerberportalOnline applicant portal and clerk portal 
Server addressesAn overview of all server addresses of central services of the URZ 
SiteimproveQuality management: errors and accessibility on the web 
SoftwareProcurement of software and provision of campus licences 
Sophos Home PremiumCyber security for the home 
Spam protectionAccess to the anti-spam solution Astaro (Sophos) 
Speicherplatzgröße Home-VerzeichnisQuota, Speicherplatzgröße Fileserver anzeigen 
SSH proxySecure Shell (SSH) for access to the campus data network 
Apply for subdomainThird-level domain for 
Unlock telephone connectionUnlock special numbers and international calls 
Move telephone connectionMove telephone and data connection 
TelephonyOperation of telephone network and telephone systems 
TelefonverzeichnisUpdating the telephone directory 
TerminplanoolZentrales Terminplanungs- und Abstimmungstool (DFN Terminplaner) 
Ticketsystem agent portalService management, professional processing of customer enquiries 
Ticketsystem customer portalRequests to the IT Service Desk 
UNIINFO-LMail distribution list 
Virtual DesktopVirtual Desktop Infrastructure based on VMware Horizon 
Virtual Server Hosting (VSH)Virtual Servers based on VMWare in the Data Centre 
Apply for a VLANArea-specific Virtual Local Area Network 
VPN accessVirtual Private Network: VPN tunnel into the campus network 
Web presenceWeb pages with Drupal 
Webmail interface (Horde)Access to the Horde web interface 
WebserverAdministration of the central web server 
Central timetable and room planningManagement of room and timetables at the Bergakademie 
Central loginApplication and activation of the central login 
CertificatesUse of security certificates 

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Unser Service Portfolio wird sukkzesive erweitert. Falls Ihnen ein Service in der Übersicht fehlt, finden Sie diesen mitunter im alten Webauftritt (nur uniintern erreichbar) oder kontaktieren Sie unseren IT Service Desk.

IT Service Desk
Bernhard-von-Cotta-Str. 1
09599 Freiberg

E-Mail: servicedesk [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de
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