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Rental Agreement and Confirmation of the Housing Provider

When you enter into a rental agreement, you must receive your own original hardcopy signed by the landlord or rental company.

For the official registration of your home address (for a stay in Germany of three months or longer), you also need a Confirmation of the Housing Provider for presentation to the Registration Office (in German: 'Wohnungsgeberbestätigung zur Vorlage bei der Meldebehörde'). This is an official form of the Freistaat Sachsen (Free State of Saxony).

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It must be filled in by your landlord. You will need it to register at the Citizen's Office (Bürgerbüro).

Tax Identification Number

When registering at the Residents' Registration Office, international students who were not yet registered in Germany receive a personal Tax Identification Number (IdNo). The IdNo is an eleven-digit number and does not contain any information about a person or the responsible tax office. 
You will be informed of the IdNo verbally at the Residents' Registration Office. Subsequently, the IdNo will be sent to your registered address by post.
If you have not received a letter with your IdNo after three weeks, you can request it from the Federal Central Tax Office's website. It will then be sent to you within four weeks. It is not possible to enquire by telephone or by e-mail.