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The "Friends and Sponsors of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg" association supports:

  • Science and research with projects, especially by students, students and doctoral candidates
  • support scientific contacts and cooperations
  • support field trips and internships of students
  • promote scientific projects and projects on the history of mining and metallurgy as well as related publications
  • publish the "Zeitschrift Freunde and metallurgy as well as related publications
  • publish the "Zeitschrift für Freunde und Förderer der Technischen Universität Bergakademie Freiberg" and send it to each member free of charge
  • publish this "Zeitschrift für Freunde und Förderer" on the Internet
  • encourage young scientists by awarding various prizes to the best in each case, see Promotion of Young Scientists
  • support and conduct joint lecture and discussion events with the university to enrich the scientific and intellectual-cultural life at the university
  • support the dialogue of science and industry with foreign countries
  • support study visits abroad
  • promote and complement the joint project with the university for alumni work and graduate support, see the Alumni Newsletter
  • support publications about academic life, study and study support opportunities, and the development of the university
  • support the cultivation and preservation of traditional customs associated with the alma mater fribergensis
  • solicit donations and sponsorships for the fulfillment of our association goals


Application for subsidies

Students and employees of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg are eligible to apply for project funding. Applicants or recipients of funding should be or become members of the association.


The application is to be addressed by mail to the management of the association three months before the project date.

Information in the application:

  • Name, first name of applicant
  • Business address with phone number and email address

This information is required to justify the application:

  • Amount of financial support requested
  • Cost calculation
  • Reason for request, objective of project
  • What other financial support is planned/applied for (university, faculty, institute, industry, other, personal contribution)?
  • Time schedule of the project
  • Number of participants
  • Status of previous work (if the project is integrated into an ongoing project)
  • Is the project part of compulsory courses?
  • Approval of the application by the supervising university teacher for applications from students and from collegiate
  • Summary of grades
  • Under whose supervision is the project?
  • Information on the bank details for a transfer of the funding to the responsible person upon approval of the application
  • Signature of the applicant

Instructions for the settlement of funds:

  • After completion of the project, original receipts (travel, accommodation, food costs, other expenses) must be submitted in the amount of the approved funds.
  • For publication in our journal is a report (1 to 2 pages, DIN A 4, electronic transmission with 1 to 2 images) to provide.