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The VFF regularly organizes events. These include once a year the general meeting including the Barbara celebration and once or twice a year the student discussion evenings. All VFF members are cordially invited to participate in these events!

Annual membership meeting and Barbara celebration

Every year, the traditional Barbara celebration of the "Freunde und Förderer der TU Bergakademie Freiberg e. V." takes place on the Friday before the 1st of Advent after the annual members' meeting in the ballroom of the Alte Mensa in Freiberg. The festive event is dedicated to the patron saint of miners, St. Barbara. By the way, the first Barbara celebration of the VFF is verifiable for December 6, 1991.

Note on photo and video recordings at events

We expressly point out that in the context of our events image and sound material in the form of photos and video recordings are created by persons and service providers commissioned or accredited by us. The recordings are intended to document both the event itself and the participation of individual persons.

In the case of recordings in which the focus is on individual persons, the participants have the right and the opportunity at any time to point out to the photographer or videographer that they do not wish to be recorded. If this is not possible or not observed, we will, with appropriate notice, subsequently prevent publication by us and our service providers.

We assume that the persons participating in the event or otherwise involved, by their behavior of participation or involvement in the creation and publication of the image and sound recordings for the purpose of public reporting on the event and on our websites, including in social media, consent. The consent includes the consent to download the recordings from our websites.