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is the university-specific, multiple-language, university training and examination system of the Working Group of Language Centres, Language Teaching Institutes and Foreign Language Institutes at Universities and Colleges (AKS).

The certificate system was developed in 1992 in order to standardise university language teaching and offer university-appropriate qualifications. The aims of foreign language training under the UNIcert® system are:

  • The ability to cope with university-related language situations as they are expected in the context of a degree programme both in a German university and in a university in the country of the target language
  • Preparation for the requirements of relevant academic professions
  • The appropriate introduction to the specialised language of specific academic fields

Download this flyer (in German) for more information about UNIcert® at TUBAF

Ein Seminarraum mit Studierenden (sitzend) und einer Leiterin (stehend), farbenfrohe Kleidung, die Tische bilden einen Bogen

The Language Centre at TUBAF offers courses at the following UNIcert® levels:

UNIcert® Basis

Languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Czech, Polish, Chinese

Preliminary level for UNIcert® Basis, comprises at least 120 - 180 teaching units of 45 minutes

The propaedeutic preliminary level is based on the A2 ("Waystage") level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) of the Council of Europe.

The participants:

  • understand simple messages
  • understand expressions and terms on personally relevant topics
  • understand basic statements on study-related topics
  • can provide information on selected topics (origin, education, studies, family) using simple linguistic means
  • have acquired initial socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural skills

UNIcert® I

Languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Czech, Polish

Basic level, comprises at least Basis + 60 teaching units of 45 minutes

The general language and intercultural basic level is based on the B1 ("Threshold") level of the Council of Europe's CEFR.

Participants are able to

  • grasp meaning-constituting elements in oral utterances (on familiar topics of everyday life, professional life and media texts)
  • hold conversations on familiar topics of everyday life, personal interests (family, leisure, studies)
  • formulate their own needs, wishes, opinions and argue them in a reasoned manner

Furthermore, participants have expandable basic knowledge to cope with selected general language and study-related situations in the target language.

UNIcert® III

Languages: English, Russian (currently not offered at this level), French (currently not offered at this level), Spanish (currently not offered at this level)

Specialised language certificate, usually comprises at least 120 teaching units of 45 minutes

The third level is orientated towards C1 ("Effective Operational Proficiency") of the CEFR.

The participants can:

  • easily fulfil the requirements of a study or work stay in the country of the target language
  • communicate at a high level on selected topics on the basis of subject-related linguistic knowledge and skills
  • understand demanding longer specialist presentations
  • express themselves fluently and communicatively effectively in writing and orally on complex topics and present their personal opinion logically and stylistically appropriately