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Modifizierte bayrische Formel zur Notenumrechnung

Recognition and Grade Conversion

Recognition of Academic Achievements

  • The full recognition of academic achievements obtained abroad is generally intended and should be agreed upon through the Erasmus Learning Agreement with the Erasmus department coordinator and the examination board.
  • After the study period abroad, please submit the proof of achievement (Form "Learning Agreement Part III" or Transcript of Records issued by the host university) and the application for recognition (see download section below) to your examination board. You will receive a recognition confirmation from the examination board, and the recognized achievements will be recorded in the Student Office.
  • Credits earned abroad (Erasmus study or mandatory internship) will be automatically included in the Diploma Supplement, while additional achievements (e.g., voluntary internships) will be included in the Diploma Supplement upon request. Please contact your designated contact person in the Student Office.
  • Please refer to the guidelines for the use of the Learning Agreement for studies for information on recognition (Language: English; Source:

Grade Conversion

The decision regarding the possible conversion of grades into the German grading system is up to the responsible examination board.

If you are studying at Faculty 4 and wish to have your grades recognized, please submit the completed form available in the download section to your examination board.

The following information provided by the International Centre is only a non-binding guideline and is not legally binding.

Grade conversion using the "Modified Bavarian Formula"

One option for converting grades obtained abroad is the "Modified Bavarian Formula." For this purpose, it is necessary to know the highest achievable grade in the foreign grading system and the minimum passing grade in the foreign grading system. This information can be found, if applicable, on the Transcript of Records from the host university or in the information portal on foreign educational qualifications "anabin."

Image source: Agreement on the Determination of the Overall Grade for Foreign University Entrance Certificates - Decision of the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany of March 15, 1991, as amended on September 12, 2013; full text of the agreement available at (file size: 0.1MB; last accessed on May 5, 2021)."