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Erasmus+ Beschäftige im Ausland Studentenleben


Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to contact us!

Michaela Luft
Erasmus-Hochschulkoordinatorin, Koordinatorin Austauschprogramme
Akademiestraße 6, Zimmer EG.06, 09599 Freiberg
michaela.luft [at]

ERASMUS+ application deadline for the academic year 2024/25 (winter semester 2024/25 and summer semester 2025): 1 February 2024.

First Steps

First, find out about the ERASMUS partner universities and their programmes in your field of study. Use the list of Erasmus partner universities or the database Mobility Online.

When applying, you can indicate a first and a second choice. The available exchange places are subject related, please refer to subject area in the PDF list.

The faculties often offer additional information on their websites. If you have any further questions (e.g. recognition or selection of courses), please contact the Erasmus representative in your faculty (see below).

Funding conditions

For your application you need:

  • Certificate of matriculation (from self-service portal)
  • Transcript of Records/ ECTS certificate of achievement (from self-service portal)
  • CV and passport photo
  • Proof of knowledge of the language of instruction (e.g. Unicert, DAAD language certificate)
  • Informal overview of the planned courses at the host university (please indicate course numbers and ECTS of the host university)

If you do not have a language certificate, you can have your language skills checked and certified in TU BAF's IUZ Languages Department.

Register here

Please register using the registration form on the top right hand corner.

You can only choose from our partner universities, i.e. those with which TU Bergakademie has a valid contract. You can enter two desired universities.

After completing the registration form, you will receive an e-mail with the login link for Mobility Online, where you can upload your application documents (see above)

Use the login link sent to your email address. First, enter the required data. Then upload all application documents, print out the application form, sign it and upload it as well.

How to proceed

We, the IUZ, check the completeness of your application. Then we forward the applications to the Erasmus representatives of the faculties. They decide on the allocation of the exchange places. If there are more applicants than places, a ranking is made with a waiting list.

Probably in April, we will let you know if you will receive an Erasmus place. In this case we will nominate you at the host university. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from us. The nomination is not yet an admission at the host university. You must apply there after the nomination. For application, please refer to the information you receive from the partner university. Please also visit their website and inform yourself about the application deadline, which you must of course meet.

The Learning Agreement contains the courses you want to attend at the host university and have recognized. With these courses you can replace courses at TU BAF. You create the document by entering the courses in Mobility Online after the nomination. After being signed by the responsible person at TU Bergakademie Freiberg the Learnig Agreement is automatically sent to the host institution.

Erasmus representatives at the faculties:

Faculties 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6:

  • Faculty 1: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Starkloff
  • Faculty 2: Prof. Felix Plamper
  • Faculty 3: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schulz
  • Faculty 5: Dr. Dirk Renker
  • Faculty 6: Prof. Dr. Johannes Stephan

There are several Erasmus representatives at Faculty 4:

  • Prof. Dr. Alfons Ams
  • Prof. Dr. Christos Aneziris
  • Dr. Egle Dietzen
  • Kathrin Häußler
  • Dr. Volker Herdegen
  • Prof. Dr. Urs Peuker

In the course of the summer semester we invite you to a mandatory information event. We will inform you about required documents, deadlines, payment modalities etc.

After the nomination you will receive an invitation from the EU for a mandatory online language test. This serves to check your language skills yourself. You can then take an online language course if you wish. This can also be in the national language and not the language of instruction - a good chance to prepare yourself linguistically for the host country.

If you do not take a language test, you will not receive any financial support. The only exception to the language test are students whose language of instruction is their native language.

Once you have completed the Learning Agreement, the application to the host university and the language test, you will conclude a Grant Agreement with us. This agreement contains the exact amount of the grant. We pay this in two (one semester abroad) or three (two semesters abroad) instalments. You will receive the first instalment at the beginning of your stay. The last instalment you will receive after your stay, it is calculated to the day (30 days = 1 month). In order to receive the final instalment please submit the Letter of Confirmation (download from below) and participate in an EU Online Survey to which you receive an automated invitation by email.

Once you arrive at your host university, you may need or want to change your course schedule. Maybe you enjoy your time abroad so much that you want to stay longer and extend your studies or add an internship. In these cases, please let us know in good time and submit the following documents. And even when your stay abroad comes to an end, you are required to hand in certain documents to us:

During the mobility

  • Arrival Confirmation: confirms your arrival in the host country; use the template of the host university or the template of TU BAF; upload the document in Mobility Online or send it by mail to: outgoings [at] iuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de
  • Learning Agreement Part 2: to be completed within 5 weeks if your courses change; change the courses directly in Mobility Online, create a new Learning Agreement and get it signed 
  • Extension of Stay: if you want to extend your stay (study or internship), please contact us at least one month before the original end of your stay: outgoings [at] iuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

After the mobility

The final rate can only be paid after submitting all documents (except proof of recognition - can be handed in later)!

  • Letter of Confirmation of Study Period: confirms the entire stay; use the template of the host university or the template of TU BAF (see below for download); if possible, hand in the original document
  • Transcript of Records: certifies the credits acquired abroad; will be sent by the partner university; send the document by mail to: outgoings [at] iuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de; submit it, together with the application for credit recognition and transfer (Antrag auf Anerkennung), to the Examination Board
  • Information on recognition and credit transfer
  • Proof of recognition of credits earned abroad: send it to outgoings [at] iuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de; alternatively, submit the TUBAF transcript of records which contains the credits gained abroad
  • Certificate of enrollment at TUBAF for the time spent abroad
  • EU Online Survey: you will receive an automatic invitation and are required to participate in the survey

If you face any problems during the process, please inform the Erasmus Officer in charge at the International Office.
The chairperson of the examination board is responsible for matters concerning the recognition of academic achievements.

Applying after the deadline: If places are still available, late applications may still be successful. Please contact us in advance.