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Anja Weigl
Erasmus+ with partner countries / Erasmus contracts
Akademiestraße 6, ground floor room 06, 09599 Freiberg
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Call 2023

The deadline for projects starting on 1 August 2023 is: 23 February 2023. 
The central application for the university is submitted by the IUZ.

Further information that may be helpful in your search is provided below.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) finances the "New Kibbutz" funding programme from BMBF funds. The programme supports internships in high-tech start-up companies in Israel via the German-Israeli Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Students enrolled on a Bachelor's or Master's degree programme can apply. The internships should last from 56 days to a maximum of six months. More information:

As part of the ASiiA programme, you can receive support in terms of content and organisation, including exclusively through the provision of a free visa.

Every year, students and graduates from all degree programmes are given the opportunity to complete an internship in the partner region. As an ASiiA applicant or ASiiA intern, you actively participate in the application process and the development of the ASiiA community, get to know the country and its people better and network with partners and friends across borders. You can find internships on your own or make use of the offers at the Alberta-Saxony Intercultural Internship Alliance.

As part of the RISE (Research Internships in Science and Engineering) scholarship programme worldwide, the German Academic Exchange Service arranges research internships for bachelor's and diploma students at German universities and universities of applied sciences.

Registration in the applicant database on the DAAD website at is possible until mid-December; the application deadline for Canada is mid-September; applications can also be submitted via another applicant database. Students can apply for a maximum of three of the internships available in the database.

Scholarship holders receive a monthly DAAD full scholarship instalment for a maximum of three months and a one-off travel allowance (both depending on the destination country).

The internship period is at least 10 weeks, the earliest start date is 1 May of the following year.

Further information at DAAD.

Note: Please note that a visa and possibly a work permit are required for internships in countries outside the EU. Therefore, find out in good time about the necessary steps from the consular sections of the embassies.

Funding Conditions

Immatriculation at the home university

  • A minimum of 2 months
  • A maximum of 12 months

  • Lump sum for an internship in Germany: 850 euros/month
  • Lump sum for an internship outside Germany: 700 euros/month
  • Students also receive a travel allowance depending on the distance between the place of departure and destination of the mobility. The distances are calculated using the calculation tool of the European Commission.
  • You can find an overview of the EU distance categories with the corresponding funding flat rates and Erasmus funding rates in general in the download area below.
  • Students do not pay tuition fees at the partner university.

The funding rates apply only for mobilities with partner countries. There are different funding rates with EU member states as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey and the United Kingdom: ERASMUS+ with programme countries.

An Erasmus internship is recognised in accordance with the Learning Agreement that the student concludes with the home and host universities.

  • Target group: Students with a disability of GdB30 or more; students travelling abroad with children
  • Funding: 200 euros/month in addition to the Erasmus grant per month
  • Participants with an assessed GdB of 30 or more have the opportunity to apply for a grant for the actual additional costs of their mobility abroad of up to 15.000 euros per semester.

anja [dot] weigl [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de (Please contact us!)