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The Working Group Foreign Students (AKAS) is a group of foreign and German students at TU Bergakademie Freiberg. It is a working group of the student council and the Local Erasmus Initiative (LEI) and cooperates closely with the International University Centre Alexander von Humboldt. We see ourselves as a contact for our foreign fellow students.



During the semester, the AKAS always organises various excursions. Every semester, for example, it travels to Berlin and goes on regular hiking trips to Saxon Switzerland.


Since sport also connects people from different backgrounds, we at AKAS organise a number of sporting events during the semester. These include volleyball and football tournaments or cosy bowling evenings.

Running Dinner

At this type of dinner, several teams cook for each other in their flats and shared flats. Get to know many new people in one evening and, thanks to the many international students, also food from many different countries.

Language Programmes

As part of the project "Sprache ist Brücke" under the auspices of ACATRAIN e.V., we would like to help our international students arrive in Germany linguistically as well.
Gruppe von Internationalen Studierenden auf der Bühne

Festival of Cultures

The Festival of Cultures takes place annually in November and is the largest intercultural event in Freiberg. The festival brings together residents of the Mittelsachsen district, most of whom come from different cultural backgrounds.

In addition to food from all over the world, a stage programme lasting several hours is offered, during which singers, dancers and actors show their skills.

Every year, many international students and doctoral candidates take part in the festival, whether as cooks, bakers or artists on stage.

The festival is organised by the "One World and Integration" working group of the Freiberg Agenda 21 association and run by many volunteers.


Should you have further questions whatsoever, feel free to reach out! 

Working Group Foreign Students (AKAS)
c/o Student Council of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Georgius Agricola Library, Agricolastraße 10, 09599 Freiberg
akausland [at]