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University Library Student lending area
Use of the university library
Mitarbeiterin Studierende Bibliothek Theke
Registration & deregistration
Universitätsbibliothek Selbstverbuchungsterminal Medien
Borrowing, renewal & return
Students at the circulation desk / information desk of Freiberg University Library
Bücherbox Schrank Schlüssel
Book boxes & lockers
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iPad lending


Independently in the user account

Log in to your user account with your user number (back of your user, student or service ID card) and your personal password or default password (date of birth: ddmmyyyy).
All borrowed media are displayed in the right-hand menu under "Checked Out Items". You have the option of extending the loan period of individual items or renewing your entire account.

Please note that reserved media cannot be extended.

In person, by phone or by e-mail

During our opening hours, the loan period of borrowed media can be extended in person on site or by telephone (+49 3731 39 2816). If only security staff are present, the extension request will be noted and handed over to the lending team.
You can also send us a renewal request at any time by e-mail (ausleihe [at] ub [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de).

If the catalog and thus the user account is not available for technical reasons, this does not affect any reminder fees incurred, as the loan period can also be extended in the alternative ways described.

For students and employees of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, the student or work ID card is also the library card.

The library number can be found on the back under the barcode. For external library cards, the library number is also on the front.

The password is set to your birthday (ddmmyyyy) by default. Please change this password to a personal password in your user account using the "Change password" function.

Note: If your user account is blocked, please report to the circulation/information desk to unlock your user account.