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Innovative study concept for engineers

Our world as it is today is based on old and new technologies that are fundamental to our lives. We have learned from an early age to use technology and rely on modern technologies. Hardly any area of life, whether hobbies or games, everyday life, profession, even most of our future dreams and plans cannot do without technology. So how big are our chances to reach the necessary sustainability and climate goals; how big is our potential to develop "green" ideas and innovations; to stop wasting resources and to stop borderwashing! Quite big, in fact: because we are training the professionals needed to do it! Come with the momentum and arguments for a more sustainable approach to our world right into an engineering degree and get the tools to shape our society for the future. You'll remain part of a great movement and open up interesting areas of activity, broad career fields and the opportunity to understand the issues of the day, have your say and be heard.

As early as 2020, we introduced a new innovative study concept for engineers - the Bachelor Engineering with six partial courses



Bachelor, Diploma


Award for Freiberg engineering education

The Faculty Association for Mechanical and Process Engineering (FTMV) has been awarding the FTMV seal of approval to the faculty for years for its achievements in research, teaching and organization.

Student Advisory Service

Dr. Andrea Dög
Leipziger Str. 30, 1. Etage
09599 Freiberg
Andrea.Doeg [at]
Dr. Egle Dietzen
Dekanat für Maschinenbau, Verfahrens-und Energietechnik
Leipziger Straße 30, 09599 Freiberg
egle.dietzen [at]