Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering

Professorships at the IEC 


Chair of Energy Process Engineering (EVT)

Portrait von Prof. GräbnerThe R&D activities of the Chair Energy Process Engineering (EVT) are focused on the efficient and sustainable use of primary and secondary carbon resources such as coal, oil, natural gas, biomass and wastes/residues. The objective is the development and optimization of innovative and new technologies for the sustainable chemical conversion and utilization of carbon resources. The goal is to close the carbon cycle and to include all carbon resources in a circular carbon economy.

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Chair of Reaction Engineering (RT)

Foto Prof. KuretiThe research topics of the Chair Reaction Engineering (RT) address fundamental and applied aspects in the fields of exhaust gas purification, CO2 abatement as well as production of synthetic and biogenic fuels. A particular feature is the knowledge-based development of advanced catalytic materials and chemical processes. These activities cover a wide area of research ranging from preparation and physical- chemical characterization of catalysts, in situ/operando spectroscopy, kinetic modeling to reactor and process engineering.

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Professorship for Modeling of Thermochemical Conversion Processes

Foto Prof. Andreas RichterThe Professorship for Modeling of Thermochemical Conversion Processes focuses on model-based investigation, development and optimization of new, sustainable technologies in the chemical industry and metallurgy. This includes reactors of various designs as well as different syntheses. The R&D activities cover the entire scale, from chemically reacting single particles to the overall reactor, and extend from basic research to technology development in cooperation with our partners from industry and business. 

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