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participants of the course
3 universities, 1 online course – and a special practical task: How can manufacturing planning for additive manufacturing be taught together if each partner university has a different additive manufacturing technology? … weiterlesen

An additive manufactured Hairpin traction motor
Just three months after its founding, 3D Printing Start-up Additive Drives completes a seven-figure seed investment. The financing from Munich-based investor AM Ventures Holding GmbH is intended to further advance the market launch of additive-manufactured electric motor components. … weiterlesen

An additively manufactured Hairpin traction motor.
Using a new 3D printing process, four spin-offs of the EXIST research transfer "Additive Drives" at the TU Freiberg are increasing the performance and efficiency of current electric machines. The main focus is on the copper coil. … weiterlesen

The prototype of the pressure-controlled emergency ventilator.
Scientists at TU Freiberg are currently testing a prototype of a pressure-controlled emergency ventilator. The device, which can be built with simple tools and is easy to maintain, could be used primarily in developing countries for the ventilation of emergency patients with lung diseases. … weiterlesen

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