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Current research topics

  • Stochastic aspects of uncertainty quantification
  • Theory and numerics for differential equations with random parameters
  • Bayesian statistics and Bayesian approach to inverse problems in differential equations
  • Monte Carlo method, especially Markov chains-Monte Carlo
  • Uncertainty quantification in machine learning


Currently funded research projects

  • DFG project Robust Sampling Methods for Bayesian Neural Networks
    Researcher: Hanyue Gu
  • Subproject Uncertainty Quantification and Data Assimilation
    ESF Junior Research Group Intelligent Geosystems: AI-Enhanced Geoengineering Tools for Decision Support in Energy Transition, Mitigation of Climate Change Effects and Geo-Risks in former Mining Regions
    Researcher: Konstantin Ibadullaev
  • Subproject Impact Forecasting and AI for Decision Support
    BMBF joint project CLEAR: Closed-Loop Management for an Environmentally and Socially Responsible Energy Transition in Rural Regions
    Researcher: Georg Gießler
  • Sub-project Process simulation under uncertainty and robust process control 
    Interdisciplinary research project Alternative fibre materials based on Cu slags
    Researcher: Henning Höllwarth