Interdisciplinary research topics

DFG-Forschungsgruppe FOR 3010 "Refrabund"

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Research Training Group GRK 2802 "Refractory Recycling: A contribution for raw materials, energy and climate efficiency in high temperature processes"

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Leichtbau-Allianz Sachsen

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Collaborative Research Center 920: Multi-Functional Filters for Metal Melt Filtration




Virtual High Temperature Conversion (Virtuhcon)


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Center for Efficient High Temperature Processes and Material Conversion (ZeHS)


Research focus of the institutes

Institute of Materials Science

  • Structure-property correlations of nanomaterials
  • Materials thermodynamics (computational thermodynamics); materials chemistry                                                              


Institute of Materials Engineering

  • Fracture-mechanical evaluation of metallic materials and their welded joints under static, dynamic, cyclic loads
  • High temperature loading
  • Material fatigue under complex stresses
  • Boundary layer technology, especially thermal processes and electron beam treatment
  • High-speed material behaviour
  • Corrosion research

Institute of Electronic and Sensors Materials

  • Materials research for semiconductor memories (materials for charge trapping memories and switchable inorganic and organic materials)
  • Materials research for chemical sensors (solid electrolyte sensors, field effect sensors) 


  • Development of casting concepts
  • Innovative moulding materials and moulding processes
  • Process-integrated environmental protection
  • Technology of casting materials

Institute of Metal Forming

  • Technology development for resource- and cost-efficient semi-finished production of metallic flat and long products as well as components made from them.
  • Technology development for the casting-rolling and thermomechanical rolling of magnesium flat and long products
  • Development of innovative metallic materials with customised property combinations
  • Characterisation of forming behaviour and development of a material database
  • Model development for material flow and microstructure and property development during forming and heat treatment
  • Development of fast simulation systems for semi-finished product and component production
  • Development of an autonomous, AI-based metallography analysis system
  • Simulation and development of calibre sequences and rolling strategies for the production of profiled long products

Institute of Iron and Steel Technology

  • Iron and steel production from primary and secondary raw materials, recycling of steels, slags and metallurgical dusts.
  • Primary and secondary metallurgical processes in iron and steel production
  • Clean Steel (degree of purity, non-metallic egg closures, by-elements)
  • Green Steel (hydrogen metallurgy in iron and steelmaking, H2 reduction of iron carriers)
  • Metal-slag equilibria (dephosphorisation, desulphurisation, etc.)
  • Thermophysical properties of metallic and oxide melts at elevated temperatures (viscosity, surface tension, density, thermal conductivity, crystallisation and flow behaviour)
  • Atomisation of metal melts and composites to produce metal powders
  • Development of Fe-TiC composites for additive manufacturing
  • Adjustment of powder size and powder morphology via thermophysical properties of liquid metals
  • Development of new high alloy TRIP/TWIP steels
  • Research into Quenching & Partitioning (Q&P) technology for high alloy steels
  • Development of high Si Cu-alloyed electrical sheets (6.5 % Si)


Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy and Purest Materials

  • Processes and plants for the extraction and refining of non-ferrous metals from complexly composed primary and secondary raw materials and process solutions.
  • Pyrometallurgical high-performance processes for metal extraction and recycling
  • Thermodynamic modelling and flow modelling in metallurgical aggregates
  • Production and characterisation of electronic materials
  • Model experiments for semiconductor crystal growth