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Prof. Michal Szucki was appointed in late November 2020.
In late November Prof. Michal Szucki was appointed as Associate Professor for foundry processes and materials. Bevor accepting the professorship at TU Bergakademie Freiberg he has been Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Foundry Engineering at AGH UST Krakow. … weiterlesen

E-Learning via smartphone. Foto: Crispin Mokry
Four initiatives at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg are now being supported as part of the Saxony-wide Digital Fellowship program. … weiterlesen

Wolfgang Schneider, Prof. Wol und Jens Then auf der Bühne.
On 24 October, the Foundry Institute of the TU Freiberg received the BorgWarner Innovations Award for its research into high-temperature-resistant materials and process technologies for the manufacture of turbocharger housings and exhaust gas-carrying components for new, economical gasoline engines. … weiterlesen

View into the seminar room with the new international students
Over 70 students from all over the world have arrived in Freiberg and started their studies in the new English-language Master's program "Metallic Materials Technology" (MMT). … weiterlesen

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