University Computer Centre

The University Computing Centre (URZ) provides central IT services. These range from the coordination of data processing systems to technical infrastructure and communication services to special applications.

Do you have questions, problems or want to inform yourself, then select your desired service from our Service Portfolio.


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Beware of emails with file attachments! There is a zero-day vulnerability through which malicious code can be downloaded and executed via Word documents. There is no official update to close the vulnerability yet. … weiterlesen

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Attention: Fake emails are currently circulating again, apparently from the professor. You are asked if you are available and then asked to get voucher cards. Do not respond to these emails. Do not pay under any circumstances, otherwise the money is gone. … weiterlesen

There are emails in circulation that appear to be from a professor. You will be asked in English to register and buy him gift cards. Do not reply to these emails, click the links and delete them immediately. … weiterlesen

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Mails are being sent that appear to come from supervisors and request the recipient to buy gift cards. Do not reply to these mails, do not click on any links they may contain and delete the messages straightaway. … weiterlesen

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