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Central IT service provider

The University Computer Centre (URZ) is the central IT service provider of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg. We plan and coordinate the provision of IT facilities and systems as well as general software for the university.

If you have any questions, problems or would like to find out more, please select the service you require from our service portfolio.

IT Service Desk
University Computer Centre
Bernhard-von-Cotta-Str. 1
09599 Freiberg

Email: servicedesk [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de
Phone: +49 3731 39-1818

New at the TU?

Jung, akademisch, glücklich
Information for new students
Analysierende Menschen
Information for new employees
Scam, Phishing, Trojaner
Information on IT security
In the recent past, there have been an increasing number of incidents involving phishing, ransomware and crypto Trojans. We would therefore like to sensitise you to the topic of IT security.

Note: Partially incomplete content

We are currently transferring all content from the old website to the new one step by step. It will take some time until we have transferred all services and associated instructions and brought them up to date.

On our blog you will find all relevant instructions that have arisen since the IT security incident.

You will find the remaining information on the old website, which is only accessible within the university. Please note that in several places the information is no longer completely up-to-date due to the security incident.




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