University Computer Centre

The University Computing Centre (URZ) provides central IT services. These range from the coordination of data processing systems to technical infrastructure and communication services to special applications.

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Mails are being sent that appear to come from supervisors and request the recipient to buy gift cards. Do not reply to these mails, do not click on any links they may contain and delete the messages straightaway. … weiterlesen

TU Bergakademie Freiberg is carefully monitoring the current novel coronavirus outbreak. This article aims to answer the most important questions for the community, students and employees. … weiterlesen

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Cyber ​​criminals are taking advantage of the corona crisis. Fake e-mails are increasingly circulating, indicating service restrictions, special hygiene measures or discount campaigns. Please be careful when entering personal data and check the authenticity. … weiterlesen

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Due to the continuing spread of the corona virus, mobile work is becoming increasingly important. University members can also access our IT services from outside. We have put together a few notes in order for our systems to handle significantly larger numbers of users. … weiterlesen

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