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Engineer for processing machines and plant technology

The additional certificate opens the doors to many of the more than 3,200 member companies of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation). The German mechanical and plant engineering industry is the largest industrial employer in Germany and employs 1.35 million people. Together with the VDMA, a training profile was defined for which there is particularly high demand.


Student an Maschine im Technologiezentrum

As part of the Bachelor's, Master's and Diploma programmes in Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, it is possible, for example by

  • taking the specialisation subject "Mineral Processing Machinery"
  • in combination with the specialisation subject "Extraction and Specialised Civil Engineering Machinery" and
  • taking some additional modules

in addition to the "Master of Science" or "Graduate Engineer" degree. ""Engineer for processing machines and plant engineering" can be obtained.

The training programme was created in consultation with the VDMA, which organises around 3,200 companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

The following modules must be taken:

ModuleCredit pointsSemester 
Fundamentals of Mechanical Process Engineering4Winter semester 
Classical- and Mischmaschinen5Wintersemester 
Aufbereitungsanlagen for mineral materials4Summer term 
Design and project planning of process engineering plants3Winter term 
Design of extraction and construction machines 5Winter term

Mechanical properties of solid rock


Mechanical properties of loose rock

3Winter term/Summer term 
Project work on the subject area11winter semester/summer semester 
Master's thesis on the subject area with colloquium30winter semester/summer semester 

Recommendation for enrolment in the specialisations:

  • 1. Specialisation: Processing Machines (30 CP)
  • 2. Specialisation: Extraction and special civil engineering machines (8 CP)
  • Conveying technology as a module for engineering specialisation (4 CP)

In total, only modules totalling 11 CP must be completed in addition to the standard curriculum with the above assignment.