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History of the institute


Foundation of the chair under Prof Höffl (Chair of Mineral Processing, Building Material and Ceramic Machines) on the joint initiative of Prof Kirchberg as head of the Research Institute for Mineral Processing (FIA) in Freiberg and Prof Weinrich as head of the Chair of Mineral Processing Machines at Dresden University of Technology.


Eingang zum Schumannbau der Technischen Universität Dresden


Merger of the Institute for Earthworks and Civil Engineering Machinery and the Chair of Mineral Processing Machinery to form the Scientific Department of Extraction and Mineral Processing Machinery

The scientific department included:

  • Chair of Mineral Processing Machinery (Prof. Höffl)
  • Lectureship in Extraction Machinery (Dipl.- Ing.Ing. Guntermann, later Dr Kuhnert)
  • Lectureship for Conveying Technology (Dr Schulz, later Dr Gollasch)
  • Lectureship for Steel Construction and Maintenance (Dr Besser)

Research foci in the early years included:

  • Vibrating and roller mills
  • Screening machines
  • Shredders
  • Disintegrators
  • Coal grinding and
  • Wear and maintenance.
Prof. Stock übergibt die Berufungsurkunde an Prof. Höffl


The growing importance of the research area of recycling was followed by the renaming of the institute as the "Institute for Processing Machines and Recycling Systems Technology" and thus also the expansion of the technical centre and research activities for the recycling of lightweight structures in particular.

Logo des Instituts

Here you will find an overview of current research work at the institute.