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Lecture: Freemasonry and dictatorship

Lecture: Freemasonry and dictatorship

Lecture series: Contents and history of Freemasonry!

The Saxon grand lodges after 1918

Saxony was one of the most important centres of German freemasonry. For almost two centuries, the brotherhood enjoyed growing popularity in central Germany. After the First World War, however, freemasonry began a struggle for survival and its own self-image. Years of defence, adaptation, suppression and division followed. The National Socialists finally banned the Freemasons' lodges and they were not tolerated in the GDR either. This first comprehensive regional study of the Saxon grand lodges with their federal lodges sheds light on the Weimar Republic, the Nazi era and the GDR period and is exemplary for the situation of Freemasonry throughout Germany.

Speaker: Dr Franziska Böhl


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