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ValidityOnce you have successfully re-registered for the new semester, you can print out the new validity period. Validation terminals are located in the waiting area on the first floor of the main university building and in the foyer of the canteen at the pillar at the entrance to the cafeteria.
Lending function university library


It is possible to borrow books and electronic media from the University Library.

Keys for lockers in the university library


Lobby locker keys for the University Library.

Payment function in the canteen


Cash registers in the dining halls, cafeteria and some coffee machines in the New Cafeteria

Activation is required at the initialisation terminal. The terminal is located in the New Cafeteria foyer, entrance on the left, rear left column.

Student ID cards can access the new autoload feature. Please see the Student Services FAQ page for more information.

The payment function can only be used for food and beverages in the New Mensa.

Credit for the payment function


Money charging stations in the New Mensa.

Access to the buildings and PC pools


Access to your faculty's buildings and PC pools is automatically activated. Special access rights must be requested from the control centre.

copy functionCopying is only possible with a separate copy card, not with the student ID card.
The copy card can be purchased from a machine in the University Library.

If the chip for the payment function or for access to buildings is defective, it is possible to apply for a free replacement card at the Admissions Office after confirmation of the defect by the relevant offices (Mensa for the wallet; University Computer Centre for access to buildings).

In case of loss or destruction of the student ID card, a new card can be requested at the Admissions Office, University Main Building, Akademiestraße 6, room EG.12. The cost for this is 16.00 euros.

Form for issuing a replacement student card