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Registration and acceptances

Pupils with an interest in chemistry in year 11/12 at grammar schools or vocational school centres can register for the school college. Registration takes place via an online portal. The online portal will be closed when all 74 available places have been filled. Please enquire by email, as it is often possible to accept latecomers.

Once registrations have been received, initial information and important documents will be sent by email, which must be completed and brought to the school college.

In addition, an invoice will be sent for the down payment of the personal contribution (for the accommodation). Enrolment is only binding once payment has been received. Final information will be sent out shortly before the event.


Traveling to the event is possible by public transport or car. Parking spaces are available on the university campus.

On-site registration takes place in the university library at Winklerstraße 3 on the first day of the event. Groups will also be allocated here. Experiments will take place in the Clemens Winkler Building of the Faculty of Chemistry and Physics.

Work safety

Long-sleeved cotton lab coats are required. Only lab coats, long trousers, and sturdy shoes are permitted in the laboratories. Long hair must be tied back. Protective goggles and gloves will be provided.


..... is expressly permitted. We would be happy if the photos were also made available to us. However, the usual data protection conditions must be observed.


Every year we find new finds. It's worth asking!

Leisure time

Everyone can organize their own free time. Freiberg has a cinema, an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, and various exhibitions.

Our recommendation is a visit to the largest and most beautiful mineral exhibition in Germany "terra mineralia".

Walk from the train station to the university

.... takes about 30 minutes


We will organize accommodation in basic accommodation - in various guesthouses and the Pi House and will let you know which accommodation you will be staying in shortly before your arrival.

You are free to book a guesthouse, hotel, or holiday flat yourself. These costs will not be covered by us.


For registration, please complete and sign the forms "Occupational Safety", "Declaration of Consent for Photographs" and "Declaration by Parents or Guardians" and bring them with you.


Lunch can be taken in the TU BAF canteen from Tuesday to Thursday. At this point, we ask you to be conscious of the food you eat.

Some accommodation offers breakfast, but in other accommodation, you will have to organize your own breakfast. You will receive this information before arrival.

You will also organize your own dinner, but on Thursday the JungChemikerForum invites you to a barbecue.