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Distillation of the aqueous solution fromthe apple pomace.
In Germany, residues from apple juice production have so far mostly been processed into animal feed. However, higher-value products can also be obtained from apple peels and cores - not only ethanol but also acetic and citric acid. … weiterlesen

09 Nov 2020 |

Change of courses

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Dear students, we would like to inform you that we follow the urgent recommendation of the Rectorate (publication 4.11.2020) to switch to digital teaching services. … weiterlesen

Marina D'Souza holding the Drexel co-operative education award
Marina D’Souza was a research intern at Chemical Technology in 2018. She spent three months at the institute,funded by the YoungGEOMATENUM international project by DAAD/GraFA and worked on designing a device for clay-based sorbents. … weiterlesen

Due to the Corona crisis, students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg have got into financial difficulties through no fault of their own due to the loss of side jobs or loss of parental support, so that their degree is endangered. … weiterlesen

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