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Alice in Winklerland

Freiberg, winter 2022

For days, strange things have been happening in the Clemens-Winkler-Bau. A girl is chasing a white rabbit down the rabbit hole. A rabbit and a hatter are experimenting wildly in the lab, while a cat stands by grinning. A queen plays croquet with a tripod racket. And then there are red roses hanging from bushes in the foyer that are definitely not roses. Has everyone gone mad here?






When it's puffing and popping, Christmas is coming: a chemical Christmas story

Freiberg, winter 2020

The snow is falling and the streets are empty. Even the windows of the campus buildings are dark. All the windows? No, in the Clemens-Winkler Building, a bright light burns unwaveringly in Dr Grantler's laboratory.

An old chemist, embittered and alone in his laboratory even at Christmas. A young doctoral student, still full of zest for action and with that certain inquisitive glint in his eye, who threatens to break under the cold-heartedness of his supervisor. And a fateful Christmas night with three extraordinary visitors who want to change old Dr Grantler's fate for the better.

Listen to what happened in Freiberg.

HERE is the link to the Advent radio play from winter 2020.