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We do not take applications for the PROMOS scholarship at the moment.

Before your application

The scholarship is exclusively based on the DAAD funding rates (see download section).

PROMOS grantees receive a monthly partial stipend (number of partial stipends is dependant on the selection committee's decision) AND/OR a mobility lump sum (mobility allowance).

Arrival and departure dates are not considered as part of the stay; it is the actual study or work stay on site that counts.

Studies (at universities or for thesis projects)

from one to six months

  • Monthly funding according to the country-specific DAAD scholarships
  • Travel grant according to the country-specific DAAD flat-rate travel allowance

Internships (normally outside of Europe)

from one to six months 

The specific internship programs of the DAAD should be given priority. Information on this can be found at: Internship Placement - DAAD.

  • Monthly funding according to the country-specific DAAD scholarships
  • Travel grant according to the country-specific DAAD flat-rate travel allowance

Language courses

from three weeks to six months; PhDs are also eligible for funding 

Specialised courses (e.g. Summer Schools* or workshops at universities abroad)

up to six weeks; PhDs are also eligible for funding

*The summer school must be held at a state-approved institution of higher education. Summer schools with private providers and trips to conferences or congresses are not eligible for funding.

  • see "Application Requirements" above
  • convincing reasons and proving the stay abroad is useful for the planned current study
  • excellent study performance and professional qualification
  • extra-curricular activities and commitment
  • sufficient knowledge competence of the local language and/or language of instruction

The amount granted depends on the eligibility of the applicants. That means in addition to the above mentioned selection criteria the following emphases regarding target region and planned projects are considered: 

  • Studies at partner universities
  • Internships have a lower priority than other stays.
  • The above points are no criteria for exclusion. All projects that do not match the above-listed points are eligible for getting funding, provided they fulfil all other criteria.

Please indicate in the PROMOS application form whether you will receive other financial support during your stay abroad or whether you have already applied for it.

Erasmus+ and PROMOS

You can never receive Erasmus+ and PROMOS grants at the same time.
Study stays and work placements within the Erasmus+ region are usually excluded from the PROMOS scholarship programme. However, exceptions apply when either no Erasmus+ agreement is existing in the relevant field of studies, or the quota of Erasmus+ exchange places is exhausted, or the student has already exhausted his individual Erasmus+ time contingent (the latter applies not only in the case of study stays, but also in the case of work placements).


During each study period (Bachelor, Master, Diplom) a PROMOS scholarship for study stays and work placements can be granted only one time for maximum 6 months, i.e., either for one study stay, or for one work placement. In addition to this maximum of 6 months one language course and one professional course can be sponsored in the same period of studies.
In the period of PhD studies one language course and one professional course can be supported.


If you receive support for stays abroad according to the Federal Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz, BAföG), or if you apply for it, the PROMOS grant must be mentioned at the responsible agency. There you can get also information in which way the PROMOS grant will be set off.

Individual DAAD scholarships and PROMOS

Individual DAAD scholarships and PROMOS scholarships must not be utilised at the same time.

Deutschlandstipendium and PROMOS

The scholarship Deutschlandstipendium and PROMOS grants can be received at the same time without any restrictions.

Other scholarhsips and PROMOS

Scholarships funded by private capital can be combined with PROMOS scholarships.
In the case of funding the stay abroad by public capital of German sponsors it is generally relevant what is the purpose of the sponsoring. That means, a sponsoring by PROMOS is not possible, if other support funded by public capital from Germany is intended for the same purpose.
It is necessary to mention your PROMOS scholarship with other funding institutions.

Remunerable employments and PROMOS

It is possible to receive salary and a PROMOS scholarship at the same time. However, during the granted period employments for remuneration are allowed only upon approval by TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The objective of the supported stay abroad must not be jeopardised by the concurrent activity.

It is possible to take out international insurance (combined health, accident and personal liability insurance) via the DAAD group rate.

Tariff information is available at

The insurance may only be taken out online at

For questions regarding international insurance, please contact the DAAD insurance office by e-mail: Versicherungsstelle [at] daad [dot] de

Note: Please bear in mind that possible insurance benefits have to be paid for by yourself.

Insurance Cover Abroad

The selected scholarship holders are personally responsible with regard to taking out suitable insurance cover while abroad. Those who are funded within the framework of PROMOS can, for example, use the DAAD group insurance.

Travel Warnings

When planning your stay abroad, please take note of the travel warnings issued by the German Foreign Office. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, warnings are currently being issued for non-essential tourist travel to many countries. The travel warnings are mostly related to tourist travel. Thus, it is possible to apply for the PROMOS scholarship.

We ask all students to inform themselves about the respective entry restrictions, quarantine regulations and the test obligation of the destination country before starting their trip. In addition, please also check the general possibility of the trip as well as the relevance of the planned stay abroad.

Funding is excluded in regions where travel warnings have been issued by the German Foreign Office due to security concerns (wars, political instability or similar).


We strongly recommend to register on the "Elefand" crisis care list of the German Foreign Office for the duration of your stay abroad. 

Fulbright Travel Grants

Students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg who intend to study in the USA are recommended to apply for a Fulbright travel grant in addition to the PROMOS application.

Please also inform us in good time by email if your data have changed or you should not start your stay abroad. 

  • Multimedia-Reportage des DAAD
    Under the motto "PROMOS moves!", the report provides interesting insights into the programme. Join (fictional) student Lea as she sets out to get to know PROMOS. She meets interesting people who tell her how and why PROMOS (has) moved them in video and audio formats, in texts and with pictures.
  • TUBAF-Press Release to PROMOS dated 27.09.2021 (only available in German language; please see download section on German page)
    "Going abroad despite Corona? What PROMOS scholarship holder Lisa Lange advises interested parties" (available in German only).


  • All registered full-time and regular students of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg (including international students) who intend to finish their degree in Freiberg; 
  • Bachelor or Diploma degree students in their third study semester or higher;
  • Master degree students in their first study semester or higher;
  • PhDs interested in receiving funding of language and specialised courses;
  • The maximum duration of the PROMOS funding possibility of six months within your educational stage (i.e. Bachelor, Master, Diploma) has not yet been completely taken.

First Round

November 15th (for stays starting in the first half of the following year)

Second Round

April 30th (for stays starting in the second half of the year)

Important Information

... for applications for projects in the second funding round:

  • The minimum duration of the project as specified in the program guidelines must be fulfilled by December 31 of the current year.
  • PROMOS funding is only granted within the current calendar year, i.e. until 31.12. of the current year.

Please apply via promos [at] iuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (email)

Application Documents
  • Application form (see download section)
  • CV in a tabular form with photo
    The CV should illustrate the individual suitability of the candidate, as well as the extra-curricular activities/commitments 
  • Motivation letter (see download section for further information)
    with adequate rationale and explanation of the project (please pay attention to these notes)
  • ECTS transcript of records
    Use the Self-Service-Terminal and, additionally for Master students, the Bachelor certificate with its transcript of records
  • Language Certificate
    Proof of sufficient language competence of the local language or language of instruction by certificates (i.e. Unicert) or confirmations (i.e. through the Language Centre); not necessary if you want to attend a language course; the language certificate should not be older than two years
  • Enrolment Certificate (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung) of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg
    Use the Self-Service-Terminal
  • Proof of extra-curricular activities/engagement (the activity must have been within the last three years)
  • Letter of Confirmation from host university or Internship Contract from the host institution 
    If not yet available at time of application please submit as soon as you receive the document.

Incomplete documents will not be processed. If documents are missing, please contact us in good time.

What's next after the application?

The scholarship holders are selected by the International Centre Advisory Board (IUZ-Beirat). This committee also decides on the amount granted. The Advisory Board consists of a member of the Rectorate, a member of each faculty, a student representative and a representative from the the Saxon Ministry of Science and the Fine Arts. 

All applications are informed by email about whether they are granted a scholarship and if yes, the amount will be communicated. This information is usually provided within one month after the application deadline.

The successful applicants will receive information about the further procedure with the email containing the scholarship offer and scholarship agreement, which you are requested to sign and submit again.

Your scholarship will only be disbursed after the submission of the arrival confirmation, signed and stamped by the receiving institution.


If you have further questions whatsoever, feel free to reach out!

Marcus Dietrich
Erasmus+ with Programme Countries (Europe), KOSPIE, PROMOS, Buddy-Programm
Akademiestraße 6, Zimmer EG.21, 09599 Freiberg
marcus.dietrich [at]