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The TUBAF Innovation Fund (TIF) is a flexible innovation fund of the 
TU Bergakademie Freiberg. It enables scientists to validate the economic usability of their research results within the framework of their own research project and to concretize potential applications.

  • Total duration: 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2025
  • Planned total volume: 1.6 million € (funding by the SMWA)



Juliane Grahl
Central Transfer Office / Vice-Rectorate for Research, International Affairs and Transfer
Prueferstraße 1A, 09599 Freiberg
Room 2-3-6
+49 3731 39-2835
JJuliane [dot] thar1 [at] zuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (uliane[dot]Grahl[at]zuv[dot]tu-freiberg[dot]de)

TUBAF Innovation Fund at a glance

  • after application, a timely project start is possible
  • the validation topics are very flexible
  • a versatile use of funds is possible (personnel and material costs, external services)
  • there is an early integration of economic considerations by the start-up network SAXEED and the Central Transfer Office of TUBAF

  • Projects for validation for commercial exploitation
  • Promising research results (TRL 4-5) with proof of function and clear application reference
  • Research projects with previous history at TUBAF
  • Aim within the maximum 12-month funding period: scaling up to TRL 6-7
  • Strategic orientation: transfer or licensing of results to existing companies or spin-off of a start-up

How is it promoted?

  • max. 90,000 EUR funding amount (incl. 5% of the budget for program management)
  • Subsidy in the amount of 90%
  • Submission deadlines in each case to 31.03. and 30.09.
  • Project start in each case to 01.06./01.07. or 01.12./01.01. possible
  • Application with the focus on the innovation, potential use cases, validation goals and outlook on exploitation
  • Selection of the validation projects is made in a competitive process by an internal evaluation jury

  • max. 10,000 EUR funding amount (incl. 5% of the budget for program management)
  • Subsidy in the amount of 90%
  • Continuous submission possible
  • Project start possible at any time
  • Application for supporting services in existing application-oriented research projects
  • Selection of Flex projects is made by an internal evaluation jury

Application documents