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The residence permit (or residence title, in German: Aufenthaltstitel) is the permit for a longer stay in Germany. All non-EU citizens need it for a stay of more than three months.

EU citizens and citizens from Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland may live in Germany without a residence permit for an unlimited period of time.

  • The residence title is a plastic card the size of a bank card with an integrated RFID chip.
  • The residence title is also called Electronic Residence Title (eAT).
  • The responsible authority to receive the residence title is called “Stabsstelle Ausländer- und Asylangelegenheiten des Landratsamtes Mittelsachsen”. It is colloquially called Ausländerbehörde (immigration office).

How to Apply

You can submit the application for an electronic residence permit online:

The application can only be submitted in German for the time being. Other languages will be available soon.

  • Select “Aufenthaltstitel für die Ausbildung” (“Residence permit for education”; it is the first tile at the top left) and click on “Jetzt starten” (“Start now”).
  • It is possible to authenticate yourself via a user account with an electronic mailbox (e.g. by means of an e-mail address and a self-assigned password). The data from the user account is automatically transferred to the application and thus facilitates the application process. To do so, click on “Konto erstellen” (“Login”; text link in the top right-hand corner) and then on “Konto erstellen” (“Create account”).

By submitting the application online, the data relevant to the application can be conveniently transmitted to the authority at an early stage and thus the subsequent on-site appointment can be prepared accordingly.

Getting an Appointment with the Foreiger's Registration Office

An on-site appointment in Brand-Erbisdorf, Dr.-W.-Külz-Straße 16, is required to complete the residence permit application. 

The Foreigner's Registration Office

Stabsstelle Ausländer- und Asylangelegenheiten des Landratsamtes Mittelsachsen
Dr.-W.-Külz-Straße 16
09618 Brand-Erbisdorf

Phone: +49 3731 799-3600
E-mail: auslaenderbehoerde [at] landkreis-mittelsachsen [dot] de (auslaenderbehoerde[at]landkreis-mittelsachsen[dot]de)
Office hours: By appointment only

How to get there with the public transport (bus): From the main bus station in Freiberg (Platz der Oktoberopfer) take the bus line F to the stop “Brand-Erbisdorf – Dr.-W.-Külz-Straße
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Required Application Documents

At the immigration office you must present the following documents to apply for a residence permit:

  1. application form completed on the computer: Application for the granting/renewal of a residence permit
  2. passport
  3. registration certificate (see Confirmation of residency)
  4. lease
  5. proof of health insurance
  6. proof of financing your stay (further information: Study in Germany – Proof of financial resources)
  7. certificate of matriculation at the TUBAF; you will receive it after matriculation/enrolment together with your students ID card; later you can download it form the online self-service portal
  8. biometric passport photo (further information: – Please note: There is a photo booth at the immigration office.

Important note: You have to make hardcopies of the documents 2 to 6. The immigration office expects this from the applicant.

Costs for the Initial Application

  • processing fee for the first application for a residence permit for a period of up to one year: 100 euros
  • Exceptions apply to DAAD scholarship holders

Status: November 2022, source:

How Long Does it Take Until the Residence Permit is Ready?

The processing time is four to six weeks (source:; web page in German).

The residence permit is a plastic card with an RFID chip. The “Bundesdruckerei” will inform the applicant by post (not by e-mail) as soon as the card has been produced and sent to the immigration office. You will need another appointment to pick it up. The date for collection will be assign within 2 weeks.

Changing the Address on the Residence Permit

If you move within Germany (including within Freiberg), you must give your new address to the Residents’ Registration Office (Einwohnermeldeamt) (see Confirmation of residency) and report the change also to the immigration office.

You must make another appointment at the immigration office and provide your new registration certificate. To do this, you must make an appointment via the booking website. Please select “Ausländerbehörde”, then "Allgemeines Ausländerrecht" ("General foreigners law"), then “Adressänderung” (“change of address”).

Leaving Germany for More Than 6 Months and Returning

During studies in Freiberg, international students can take advantage of the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at a partner university of TUBAF.

Important note: If you leave Germany for more than 6 months (consecutive), your residence permit loses its validity. Unless you apply for an extension of this period at the immigration office.

  • If possible, apply for the extension before you leave Freiberg.
  • If you are abroad and your return to Freiberg is postponed so that you have to extend your stay abroad unplanned for longer than 6 months, you have to inform the immigration office in Band-Erbisdorf. You will have to provide evidence of the delay.