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Here you will find all necessary information about online application

Before application/registration

Unfortunately that is not possible. Only after having completed your Bachelor's degree successfully you can apply for an English-language master's degree at our university.

When the form “application for enrolment” becomes available at the online application portal you have received an offer for a place at Freiberg University. Thereafter you have to submit the documents by post. 

Your documents need to be officially certified, but not obligatory from the German embassy in your country. Following this link you will find all necessary information regarding the certification of your documents.

An English translation is sufficient. We only accept documents in German, English or French language.

During application/registration

Please contact the admissions office and tell us the error ID. 

E-mails regarding the change of your application status will be send to you automatically. If you applied on the German website you only get German notifications. Please use an online translation tool to translate the message.

Please leave the fields „Average Grade“ and „Date of acquirement“ blank. If you earned your degree outside Germany, you can leave those fields blank. In any case you should be able to proceed with your application without filling in these fields.

Please choose the option „Other acquisition of the HZB abroad (general higher education entrance qualification) “.

If you apply for a Master's program having already concluded a related Bachelor's program, please select „Studies completed? = No“ and "semesters studied so far = 0“ (because you haven't started your Master's program yet). 

If you have a completed Master's degree program, then you have to select the option „Studies completed? = Yes“.

The online application portal is using the German grading scheme. So write your grade with only one decimal place and use a comma instead of a point.

Please put in the date which is on the certificate of your Bachelor's degree. 

After application

You can only submit one application each time. If you want to submit another application you have to cancel your old one in order to submit the new application. 

Cancel your current application and start a new one. Please pay attention to choose the correct semester for starting your studies.

Personal data in the portal can only be edited by our university staff. Please send an e-mail to the admissions office to ask a change.

You only need to upload the documents which are required during the online application process. There is no need to upload other documents.

Please send your CV as a PDF and the motivation letter as a Word file to the admissions office. We will replace the existing documents with the changed ones.

Please send the signed application form and the certified copies of the educational and language certificates by mail to the address of the Admissions Office:

TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Admissions Office, Akademiestraße 6, 09599 Freiberg.

All other documents/information (e.g. visa, address in Freiberg) can be sent by e-mail to zulassungsbuero [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de, indicating your applicant number.

Important informations for international applicants:

When sending documents, important requirements must be observed. A postal or courier shipment from a non-EU country must always be cleared through customs. If something is unclear or important information is missing, the shipment cannot be delivered. Therefore, it is important to enclose a customs declaration of contents (for example form CN 22). If you have any questions about this, please contact the postal or courier service provider.

It is possible that the shipment will be opened and inspected by German customs. This may result additional costs. The university will not pay shipping for application documents.