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Continuing studies, starting a career, starting a business, or pursuing an academic career.

The possibilities after completing your studies are diverse. It is therefore advisable to start considering your post-study plans during your studies. Whether you want to pursue further studies, perhaps aim for a doctoral degree, enter the professional world, or strive for self-employment, we provide professional advice and support.

The Career Center assists with entering the job market. Workshops and the career fair "ORTE" showcase opportunities and open doors to companies. For those considering a doctoral degree, the Graduate and Research Academy of the university provides guidance not only before but also during the path to a successful promotion.

Opportunities after completing a degree

After the successful Bachelor's degree, there are further Master's programs leading to a further academic degree M.Sc. 


If you would like to continue your scientific work after a successful Master's or Diploma degree, you will find information on doctoral studies here. A doctorate is the award of the academic degree of Doctor in a specific subject and serves as proof of the ability to carry out in-depth and independent scientific work. The Graduate and Research Academy GraFA supports doctoral students in all matters related to doctoral studies. Information on doctoral studies and current announcements of doctoral positions.

Job advertisements Promotion process

As a central service facility at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, the Career Center offers students professionally relevant, interdisciplinary training and arranges practical contacts. Twice a year the career fair ORTE offers the opportunity to establish contacts with companies at an early stage.

The SAXEED start-up network is open to students and scientists. It offers support in setting up a business and the exploitation of research and development results.