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Freiberg Online Geoscience is a journal which is related to geoscience at the
TU Bergakademie Freiberg. Thus we publish:

  • monographs of scientists at TU Bergakademie Freiberg including guest
  • results from joint research projects
  • results about regional geoscientific results
  • special issues
  • conference proceedings

All contributions will be peer reviewed by at least two independent persons.

 is an electronic journal registered under ISSN 1434-7512.

FOG is a peer reviewed open access journal.

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Volume 1 (1998)
Aquatic Chemistry of Uranium
A Review Focusing on Aspects of Environmental Chemistry
Günther Meinrath
Download PDF (1.9 MB).

Volume 2 (1999)
Sensitivity analysis and simulation uncertainties in predictive geochemical modelling - a case study
Christian Ekberg
Download PDF (0.5 MB).

Volume 3 (2000)
Hydrogeological and hydrochemical investigations in the Rioverde basin, Mexico
Britta Planer-Friedrich
Download PDF (4.1 MB).

Volume 4 (2001)
Dictionary Applied Geology, English Ð French Ð German Ð Spanish
Merkel B., Berrios D., Birkle P., Planer-Friedrich B., Portugal E., Santoyo E., Santoyo S.
Download the index file (18 kByte).
Download the English dictionary (947 kByte).
Download the Deutsches Wörterbuch (921 kByte).
Download the Dictionnaire français (927 kByte).
Download the Diccionario español (941 kByte).

Volume 5 (2001)
Groundwater study for the Wadi Zerqa catchment area, Jordan
Stefan Martens
Download PDF (2.5 MB)

Volume 6 (2001)
Geostatistics without Stationarity Assumptions within Geographical Information Systems
Alexander Brenning
PDF (2.6 MB)

Volume 7 (2002)
Integrierte Datenauswertung Hydrogeologie
Broder J. Merkel & Britta Planer-Friedrich
Download PDF (0.65 MB)

Volume 8 (2002)
Sorption von Metallen und Halbmetallen im bergbaulich beeinflussten Feuchtgebiet Lengenfeld / Vogtland
Manja Seidel
Download PDF (4.2 MB)

Volume 9 (2003)
A hydrogeological, hydrochemical and environmental study in Wadi Al Arroub drainage basin, South West Bank, Palestine
Ziad Quannam
Download PDF (4 MB)

Volume 10 (2003)
Groundwater Modeling Taking Into Account Probabilistic Uncertainties
Wahyu Hardyanto
Download PDF (2.5 MB)

Volume 11 (2004)
High resolution aerial and field mapping of thermal features in Ragged Hills, Yellowstone National Park
Juliane Becker
Download PDF (small version: 1.7 MB)
Download PDF (large version: 9 MB)
Appendix: Digital Atlas of Ragged Hills (svg-file, 7 MB, [right mouse click for menu])

Volume 12
Integration of Water Resources of the Upper Aquifer in Amman-Zarqa Basin Based on Mathematical Modeling and GIS, Jordan
Al Mahamid, Jihad
Download PDF (12 MB)

Volume 13 (2005)
Hydrogeological and Hydrochemical Investigations in West Nymph Creek Thermal Area, Yellowstone National Park, USA
Baas Brimer
Download PDF (7 MB)

Volume 14 (2005)
Geoecology of the Lake Urema / Central Mozambique
Beate Böhme
Download PDF (4 MB)

Volume 15 (2006)
Mercury distribution between particulate and dissolved states in wetlands in California, USA
Elke Süß
Download PDF (4 MB)

Volume 16 (2006)
Gas Geochemistry and Isotopic Signatures in the deep Thermal waters in Jordan
Nadir Eraifej
Download PDF (12 MB)

Volume 17
Use of Stable and Radioactive Isotopes and Gaseous Tracers for Estimating Groundwater Recharge, Time of Residence, Mixing of the Different Types of Groundwater and Origin in the Silao Romita Aquifer, Guanajuato, Central Mexico
Axel Horst
Download PDF (5 MB)

Volume 18 (2008)
Column Experiments Simulating Various Scenarios for Arsenic Mobilisation in Bangladesh
Heidi Lißner
Download PDF (2.5 MB)

Volume 19 (2009)
Seasonal changes in the arsenic distribution of newly drilled wells tapping different aquifers in the Bangladesh delta
Joerg Steinborn
Download PDF (5.5 MB), Appendix (Excel)

Volume 20 (2009)
Mobilisation of Arsenic in the low-flow regime of groundwaters in Bangladesh
Cornelia Härtig
Download PDF (6 MB)

Volume 21 (2009)
Chemical and isotopic investigations of submarine hydrothermal fluid discharges from Panarea, Aeolian Islands, Italy
Robert Sieland
Download PDF (6 MB)

Volume 22 (2009)
Research in Shallow Marine and Fresh Water Systems: 1st International Workshop - Proceedings
Broder Merkel & Mandy Schipek (Eds.)
Download PDF (6 MB)

Volume 23 (2009)
Quantification of submarine degassing of Panarea Volcano in the Aeolian archipelago, Italy
Daniel Steinbrückner
Download PDF (4 MB)

Volume 24 (2009)
Mining and Water, DAAD Alumni Expert Seminar - Proceedings
Broder Merkel & Mandy Schipek (Eds.)
Download PDF (2 MB)

Volume 25 (2010)
Investigation and modelling of the geochemical processes in the hydrothermal system of Panarea, Italy
Maike Hamel
Download PDF (4 MB)

Volume 26 (2010)
Hydrogeological and hydrochemical investigations at the Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia) with regard to the extraction of lithium
Nadja Schmidt
Download PDF (6 MB)

Volume 27 (2011)
Metallic Iron for Safe Drinking Water Production
Chicgoua Noubactep
Download PDF (1 MB)

Volume 28 (2011)
Estimating Water Chemistry Parameters from Experimental Data Using PEST with PHREEQC
Samer Bachmaf & Broder J. Merkel
Download PDF (1 MB) - Download supporting materials (test case)

Volume 29 (2011)
Treatment of acid mine lakes - Lab and field studies
Mandy Schipek
Download PDF (11 MB)

Volume 30 (2011)
Geothermal state of shallow submarine geothermal systems and isotopic signatures of Panarea, Aeolian Islands (Italy)
Christin Müller
Download PDF (5 MB)

Volume 31 (2012)
Tracing Flow and Salinization Processes at selected Locations of Israel and the West Bank – the Judea Group Aquifer and the Shallow Aquifer of Jericho
Torsten Lange
Download PDF (16 MB)

 Volume 32 (2012)
Optimizing the Design of Metallic Iron Filters for Water Treatment
Kumiko Miyajima
Download PDF (14 MB)

Volume 33 (2012)
Issyk-Kul Lake, Kyrgyzstan
Broder Merkel (Editor)
Download PDF (6 MB)

Volume 34 (2013)
VS2DRT: Variably Saturated Two Dimensional Reactive Transport Modeling in the Vadose Zone
Sosina Shimeles Haile
Download PDF (6 MB)

Volume 35 (2013)
Uranium contamination of soil and groundwater by phosphate fertilizer application
Mandy Hoyer
Download PDF (6 MB) / Digital Appendix (88 MB)

Volume 36 (2014)
2-D numerical flow and density modeling in Dead Sea Group sediments (Darga, Israel)
Matthias Strey
Download PDF (10 MB)

Volume 37 (2014)
Hydraulic Investigations of the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Robert Sieland
Download PDF (12 MB)

Volume 38 (2015)
Iron-based metallic systems: an excellent choice for sustainable water treatment
Antoine Ghauch
Download PDF (4 MB)

Volume 39 (2015)
FOG special volume: Regional Hydrogeology in Asia and the Middle East
Broder Merkel & Mandy Hoyer (Eds.)
Download PDF (6 MB)

Volume 40 (2015)
Innovative methods in mine water treatment, geothermal energy utilization and in-situ leaching - Proceedings of the Mine Water Symposium 2015, Freiberg, Germany
Broder Merkel & Mandy Hoyer (Eds.)
Download PDF (11 MB)

Volume 41 (2015)
FOG special volume: Groundwater supply in the Middle East – three case studies from Syria, Iraq and Palestine
Broder Merkel & Mandy Hoyer (Eds.)
Download PDF (9 MB)

Volume 42 (2015)
Characterizing the ion-selective nature of Fe0-based systems using azo dyes: batch and column experiments
Meghalim Phukan
Download PDF (4 MB)

Volume 43 (2015)
FOG special volume: Man-made changes in land cover, water quality - three case studies
Broder Merkel & Mandy Hoyer (Eds.)
Download PDF (9 MB)

Volume 44 (2016)
Hydrogeochemical investigation of Darzila karst cave, NE Iraq
Karin Heiland
Download PDF (5 MB)

Volume 45 (2016)
Isotopic and geomicrobial investigation of Darzila karst cave, NE Iraq
Anna Seither
Download PDF (5 MB) / Digital Appendix (1 MB)

Volume 46 (2016)
Late Paleozoic magmatism in the Erzgebirge / Krušné hory:Magma genesis, tectonics, geophysics, and mineral deposits
Christoph Breitkreuz and Uwe Kroner (conveners)
Download PDF (2 MB)

Volume 47 (2016)
Geochemical and isotope investigations of carbonate sinter – 2000 years of water supply management in Palestine
Raghid Sabri
Download PDF (8 MB)

Volume 48 (2016)
Chemical investigations of groundwater and submarine hydrothermal fluid exhalations at Panarea, Italy
Folke Meinardus
Download PDF (13 MB),  Appendix

Volume 49 (2017)
The concealed granite massif of Eichigt−Schönbrunn (Vogtland, Germany): Petrography, mineralogy, geochemistry and age of the Eichigt apical intrusion
Bärbel Gottesmann, Hans-Jürgen Förster, Axel Bernd Müller, Horst Kämpf
Download PDF (3 MB)

Volume 50 (2017)
Environmental Impact Assessment on Oil Shale Extraction in Central Jordan
Ahmed Abdalla Gharaibeh
Download PDF (11 MB)

Volume 51 (2018)
FOG special volume: Water – 3 case studies
Broder Merkel (Ed)
Downloda PDF
(6 MB)

Volume 52 (2018)
Testing Granular Iron for Aqueous Fluoride Removal
Svenja Heimann
Download PDF (3 MB)

Volume 53 (2018)
Characterizing the Reactivity of Commercial Steel Wool for Water Treatment
Benjamin Hildebrant
Download PDF (5 MB)

Volume 54 (2019)
Determination and Differentiation of the Hydrothermal Precipitates of Panarea, Italy
Victoria Kürzinger
Download PDF (10 MB)

Volume 55 (2019)
Granulometry and microtextures on grain surfaces from subaerial and submarine
deposits of recent eruptions of Soufrière Hills Volcano, Montserrat
Marie-Luise Richter & Christoph Breitkreuz
Download PDF (8 MB)

Volume 56 (2019)
Identification of water origin and water-rock interaction in a complex multi-aquifer system in the Dead Sea Rift by applying chemistry and isotopes
Cornelia Maria Wilske
Download PDF (17 MB)

Volume 57 (2020)
Genesis and distribution of lithium enriched pore brines at the Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia
Nadja Schmidt
Download PDF (7 MB)

Volume 58 (2021)
FOG special volume: Proceedings of the 6th European Conference on Scientific Diving 2021
Broder Merkel & Mandy Hoyer (Eds.)
Download  PDF (12 MB)

Volume 59 (2021)
Investigation of neotectonic and structural characteristics of the subaerial and
submarine system of Panarea Island, Italy
Judy Adamek
Download PDF (16  MB)

Volume 60 (2021)
Geological and mineralogical investigation of hydrothermal fluid discharge features at the sea bottom of Panarea, Italy
Richard H. Stanulla
Download PDF (15 MB)

Volume 61 (2021)
Designing and piloting a household filter for the peri-urban population of Douala (Cameroon)
Raoul Tepong-Tsinde
Download PDF (3 MB)