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The substances to be deposited are vaporised in a high-vacuum chamber. They are deposited on the substrate without a chemical reaction taking place.

The Bestec sputtering system has a preparation chamber for pre-cleaning using plasma and two process chambers. These each allow RF and DC and substrate heating up to 600 °C. We use sputter chamber 1 for the deposition from metallic targets (2 sources of 8 inches), preferably aluminium and titanium. Sputter chamber 2 has three sources (3 inches) in a confocal arrangement. This allows simultaneous sputtering from several sources or the deposition of different thin films in alternating sequence. The layer thicknesses can be monitored in situ using oscillating crystals. The vapour deposition system has a high-vacuum chamber in which the samples are fixed in the upper part of the chamber with the upper side facing downwards. Crucibles containing the materials to be vaporised are located some distance below. These can be metals, non-metals, oxides or organic substances. If the boiling point is relatively low, resistance heating is sufficient; higher-boiling materials can be vaporised using an electron beam. Due to the long free path between the source and the sample, the coating is very directional. An oscillating quartz crystal measurement is used to monitor the coating thickness.