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A robotics team at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg has set up the RoboLab at Burgstraße 36 in Freiberg. At the opening, students used turtle bots to demonstrate what the new learning centre can do. Programmed by a group of students from the Robotics and Applied Computer Science degree programmes, the small, autonomous robots completed a course. The students had to solve a variety of tasks: The camera has to recognise various lines and the laser scanner has to detect obstacles, which are then avoided.

Programmiert von Studierenden der Studiengänge Robotik und Angewandte Informatik, absolvierten die kleinen, autonom fahrenden Roboter einen Parcours.

However, the RoboLab is intended to be more than just a traditional training lab. "People interested in technology in Freiberg lacked a place to try their hand at programming, test codes on the latest technology or exchange ideas. This place now exists!" says robotics student Lion Waurich, one of the initiators of the RoboLab. Together with fellow student Caio Menz, the team first presented the idea to computer science professor Sebastian Zug.

"First of all, it's about enabling students to learn, programme and experiment with different robots. But there is another reason why the RoboLab was opened in Freiberg city centre," reveals Professor Sebastian Zug. "From spring 2024, we will be inviting even more target groups. In addition to students, young people will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in robotics, and we also want to discuss ideas and research activities in this field with the people of Freiberg." "The new learning centre will thus also become a place for exchange and education," adds RoboLab coordinator Dr Thomas Schumann.

For Information and registration for students and lecturers please write an e-mail to: robolab [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de (robolab[at]tu-freiberg[dot]de)

Lecture series "Bits and Bytes"

  • 7. March - Prof. Dr Sebastian Zug: How does a CPU actually work?
  • 21 March - Gero Licht: Tasks and challenges of swimming robots
  • Continuation of the series every Thursday at 5 pm.
  • Other topics: smart home, risks on the internet, autonomous driving.

Further RoboLab offers from spring 2024

  • In future, there will be robotics experiences for schools directly in Burgstraße.
  • Teachers can take part in computer science training courses and workshops.
  • Anyone interested in robotics research at the TU and new technologies can simply drop by the lab. Among other things, an autonomous delivery robot that is being tested on Freiberg's streets will be available for demonstration purposes. The topic of autonomous driving will also be demonstrated using models.

The robotics lab is intended to promote computer science skills for students and school pupils and will be financially supported or sponsored in its first year by the university management, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the TU Bergakademie and the municipal housing company (Freiberg) SWG.