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25 May from 4 pm to midnight

Curious night owls take note: Freiberg invites you to the smartest night of the year on 25 May. TU Bergakademie Freiberg, the University City of Freiberg and regional companies, research institutions and service providers will be presenting themselves at the Night of Science and Business with hands-on activities, workshops and guided tours, providing exciting insights into the local research and business landscape.


Mayor Sven Krüger: "With the Science and Business Night, we foster dialogue between our research institutions, companies and the people here. This not only ensures good entertainment, but also - with a view to recruiting skilled workers - enthusiastic young researchers who have a professional future in Freiberg."

Rector of TU Bergakademie Freiberg Professor Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht: "Science is exciting and can be fun - we want to show this with the Night of Science and Business. At the same time, we are presenting ourselves as a university that deals with the topics of the future: Sustainability and transformation processes in different industries. TU Bergakademie Freiberg offers students excellent conditions and a stimulating, innovative research environment."

The Southern Industrial and Commercial Area in Freiberg is the new business event hub this year. The event kicks off at 4 pm in the GIZEF car park, Am St.-Niclas-Schacht 13, with Lord Mayor Sven Krüger, TU Rector Prof. Dr Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht and State Secretary Thomas Kralinski from the SMWA.

Research facilities, institutions and companies will be presenting current topics and inviting visitors to take part: How is a wafer made? Where do we use them in everyday life and what does it feel like to work in a clean room? How much Freiberg is in every mobile phone? How does a lithium-free aluminium-ion battery work and how do I build a battery from potatoes? What do tax consultancy, a quiz and "Hau den Lukas" have in common? Beak Consultants GmbH, Deutsche Stiftung Mediation, Euroregion Erzgebirge e. V., Freiberger Compound Materials GmbH (FCM), Fraunhofer-Technologiezentrum Hochleistungsmaterialien (THM), GIZEF GmbH, Glück Auf! TV, HWK Chemnitz, IBT GmbH, IHK Chemnitz Regionalkammer Mittelsachsen, IKS Innovation & Kreislaufwirtschaft Sachsen e.V., KoSytec Systemhaus GmbH, Merkel Bernhardt Wirtschaftstreuhand Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH, ReViSalt GmbH, Siltronic AG and others.

Science location: robotics, e-fuels, a large diving tower and much more

Highlights of the Night of Science and Business include the opening of the RoboLab in Burgstraße in Freiberg, the university's diving tower and the e-fuels filling station on Schloßplatz. Ten tankfuls of the synthetic fuel can be won here. These are just some of the topics about which the TU Bergakademie will be providing information from 6 p.m. to midnight around the Schlossplatz and Schloßplatzquartier, in the castle courtyard and terra mineralia, in the new library and lecture theatre centre, ZeHS, Werner-Bau, Chile-Haus, as well as in Burgstraße and Silbermannstraße. Mayor Krüger, State Secretary Dr Handschuh (SMWK) and TU Rector Professor Barbknecht will open the scientific part of the event at 6 pm on the Schloßplatz stage. Numerous activities are especially suitable for children, such as the science show with TU-Lino, the TU-Lino disco, the children's rally in the university library and many hands-on and experimental activities.

The city of Freiberg will be providing information from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the World Heritage stand on Schloßplatz about the opportunities to discover the silver city, such as city tours, culture and events and the discovery trail. The Town and Mining Museum invites visitors to join in and shows how to guess exhibition objects with a shadow theatre. A hands-on workshop for acting, singing and music is offered by the Mittelsächsisches Theater. 

The Night of Science and Business is a joint project of the TU Bergakademie and the Silver City of Freiberg.

The complete programme and a corresponding interactive event map can be found at