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More than 160 internationals benefit from a student buddy in the winter semester. As volunteers, experienced Freiberg students support the "newcomers" in their start at the university. The International Office is currently looking for students for the Buddy Programme again.

Buddy Vyshak Thekke Punathil unterstützt neue Studierende.

The pillars of the Buddy Programme are TUBAF students who volunteer to help their fellow international students get off to a smooth start and successfully integrate into university life - the so-called buddies. Over 40 TUBAF students from several countries of origin are currently involved in the programme, with the aim of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere and providing a supportive framework for the start of their studies.

Vyshak Thekke Punathil, an active Buddy, describes his experience as extremely enriching: "Being part of this initiative has been an incredibly rewarding experience, connecting with diverse individuals and fostering a sense of community. My motivation stems from the joy of helping others integrate into university life.”

To thank the buddies for their commitment, a small event is planned for December. The aim is to honour their valued work and outstanding commitment, which has helped to form a strong community and make it easier for new international students to settle into their new cultural environment - far away from their home country.

Aiding internationals with their new start

Marcus Dietrich, a member of staff at the International Office and coordinator of the programme, emphasises the importance of mutual support: "The Buddy Programme creates initial connections between our students, through which they help and support each other. It is very impressive to see how our buddies help the international first-semester students with great enthusiasm."

The Director of the International Office, Ingrid Lange, underlines the importance of the Buddy Programme for the university: "Starting their studies at TUBAF - the university that the new students have chosen from among many other options - leaving their home environment and arriving in a new cultural environment is a very significant stage of life for the young people. First impressions are very important and formative. We want to do everything we can to ensure that the international students we invite feel welcome here right from the start. The commitment of our students who volunteer as part of the programme is invaluable for our international students and contributes significantly to diversity and integration at our university. Their commitment is a prime example of what community and solidarity mean."

The Buddy Programme is looking forward to receiving applications from interested students!