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GeneralProf. Dr.-Ing. T. Fieback
ExperimentsDr.-Ing. R. Wulf, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Storch, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Grab
NumericsDr.-Ing. Ingo Riehl

Experimental determination of thermophysical properties of various materials

  • Thermal conductivity / diffusivity (up to 2,000°C) for metallic and ceramic solids, insulation materials, foams, fabrics, knitted fabrics, bulk goods (flowed through and not flowed through), melting, etc.
  • Specific heat capacity (up to 1,350°C)
  • Thermal expansion (up to 1,600°C)

      Experimental determination of procedural material and process data

      • Experimental determination of heat transfer coefficients (condensation / evaporation)
      • Applications thermosiphon / heat pipe and heat pipe
      • Geothermal energy
      • Monitoring

      Calibration of temperature sensors

      • Low temperature range (-30°C to +100°C)
      • High temperature range (up to +1,600°C)

      Numerical calculation of flows with coupled transport processes

      • Heat-and Mass-transfer
      • Chemical reactions / combustion
      • Radiant heat transfer
      • Multiphase flows and rheology
      • Phase change liquid-solid
      • Modelling, model reduction and similarity analysis
      • Scientific graphics, visualization and animation

      Computer-aided dimensioning of heat exchangers

      • Provision of the basics for heat transfer and pressure loss
      • Software development
      • Experimental verification

      Sorption measurements

      • Kinetics, equilibria, isosteres and heat of adsorption up to 400 bar / 1,200 ° C with different methods and almost all types of gas, including hazardous substances

      Underwater measurements and training

      • Training of divers to become “scientific divers”
      • Scientific dives of any kind
      • Development of technical equipment for underwater use

      You can find examples of services that we have already provided on our reference list.